FreePBX 16.0

Version History:

2021-06-18 FreePBX 16.0 Beta

2021-10-31 FreePBX 16 GA

2022-02-01 PBXact 16 GA



Current Release

  • FreePBX Version 16

    • OS Version: 12.7.8

    • CentOS Base: 7.8.2003

    • Asterisk Versions

      • Asterisk 13 (EOL)

      • Asterisk 13 Certified (EOL)

      • Asterisk 15 (EOL)

      • Asterisk 16 (LTS)

      • 16 Certified (LTS)

      • Asterisk 17 (EOL)

      • Asterisk 18 (LTS)

      • Asterisk 19 (S)

    • Changelog

      • PHP 7.4 support

ISO Distro Installation 


Installation process for FreePBX 16.0 ISO would be same as our existing disto installation. Please refer to - Installing FreePBX with the Official Distro 

Older ISOs are available from

Non Distro Installation 


Please refer to below wiki page about installing 16.0 on Debian platform. .


Or use the URL below to download the latest FreePBX 16.0 release tarball.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Licensing and obfuscation engine has been changed to IONCube.  Will there be any impact on my existing Zend based licensing for FreePBX?
A: No. Existing FreePBX licenses will continue to work on all FreePBX versions before and after version 16. The change is invisible to the FreePBX admin and user.


Q: Are my existing purchased licenses for prior versions still good?  Does my existing deployment id with commercial module licenses still work on FreePBX 16?

A:  Yes. You are free to deactivate your deployment ID from your existing system and activate the same deployment id to your new FreePBX 16.0 system and expect to get the same supported licenses. Please refer to How to Move a PBX Deployment to a New PBX to learn how to move your deployment to another PBX.


Q: Is FreePBX 16 beta ready to use in production ?

 A: No. It's too early to use FreePBX 16.0 beta in production environments, but we recommend that you begin testing FreePBX 16.0 to ensure is meets your requirements,


Q: Is there any timelines for PBXact 16.0 ?

 A:  PBXact 16.0 will take some time to release, and generally follows the FreePBX general release by several months. We have no ETA as of now, but stay tuned to get further updates after the FreePBX 16.0 full release.


Q: Can I activate my PBXact deployment/license on FreePBX 16.0?

 A: Yes you can do that for testing purposes as FreePBX 16.0 is still in the beta stage.


Q: Now that the Licensing and obfuscation engine has changed to ionCube, is there any plan to support commercial modules on non-sng7 installs such as Debian, etc.?

 A: Not at this time. Supporting alternate platforms is a major undertaking, and our primary focus is SNG7 (and SNG8 once it becomes available). We will periodically reevaluate the possibility of supporting alternate platforms as the project progresses.

 Q: Can I run FreePBx 16.0 on PHP 5.6 supported platforms?

 A:  No. PHP 7.4 is the minimum supported version for FreePBX 16.0.


Q: What's the exact PHP 7.x supported version for FreePBX 16.0 ?
A:  v7.4.16


Q: Can I upgrade the PHP 7.4.x version to a higher version?

 A: The FreePBX Distro comes by default with the supported PHP 7.4.x version. Updating the Distro PHP version is not recommended. Anyone who wishes to can try an updated PHP version for non-distro or custom installations, and report issues to the issue tracker as they find them.  


Q: Can I upgrade my existing 15.0 system to 16.0 ?

A: Not at this time. As of now we are launching only a 16.0 fresh ISO so an in-place upgrade from 15 to 16 is not yet possible. We will be working on this to provide an inline upgrade but have no ETA as of now.  The Backup & Restore module is capable of restoring from legacy versions, so restoring a 15 backup to a 16 system is supported.

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