FreePBX 17 Beta Module QA Status

FreePBX 17 QA status as of 2024-06-19.

This section outlines the current beta testing status of the various FreePBX 17 modules.

This status is based on our QA test plan, which does not include testing every option available in FreePBX. We are focusing on ensuring that all important use cases for each module are thoroughly covered by QA.

Current QA Status:

FreePBX 17 is improving day by day. The number of issues being raised on GitHub by our community members is decreasing, and our internal QA process reflects the same trend.

We're actively conducting daily testing on FreePBX and fixing the issues.

Our more focus will be on the following tasks -

  1. Backup & Restore:

    • Ensuring seamless Backup & Restore functionality from any previous FreePBX version (2.x/13/14/15/16) to version 17.

  2. Allow OS upgrade aka System Upgrade via the Module admin UI.

  3. PBXact 17

  4. QA regression with Hardware cards  / DAHDI with all our PBXact appliances.

  5. Asterisk debug info RPMs.

  6. Pending Modules to Test:

    1. API

    2. DahdiConfig

    3. Advanced Recovery Commercial module

    4. SangomaCRM Commercial module

    5. PMS Commercial module


Please note that - due to PHP 8.2's strict type checking, some undefined variable or "whoops" errors may occur in random use cases. While we have covered most of the basic functionalities of each module, FreePBX has a vast number of configuration options, making it challenging to test and validate every single one. Therefore, we encourage everyone to report any issues on GitHub.


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