Feature Codes Module


What is the Feature Codes Module used for?

The Feature Codes Module is used to enable and disable certain features available in your PBX and Asterisk, and to set the codes that local users will dial on their phones to use that particular feature.

For example, the Feature Codes Module can be used to set the code that a user will dial to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding. It can also be used to set a Code that can be used to enter into an Echo Test, to hear your extension number, or to hear the time of day.

How is the Feature Codes Module related to the other Modules?

The Feature Codes Module sets the codes used to activate and deactivate features that are configured in various other PBX modules.

In addition, the Feature Codes Module is related to the Advanced Settings Module. In the Advanced Settings Module, when the Enable Custom Device States option is activated, the PBX will create a set of codes, based upon some of the Feature Codes, that can be used to enable phones to display the status of various features on a light.  The feature is known as a Busy Lamp Field (BLF).  For example, a Busy Lamp Field can be used to show whether a Call Flow Control is enabled or disabled or whether a particular extension has enabled or disabled the Do Not Disturb feature, etc.

You can see a list of codes that can be used to display the status of the features on a light by accessing the Asterisk Info Module, and then clicking on Subscriptions. Each of the codes listed there can be entered into a phone's Busy Lamp Field and will display the status of the related Feature Code.

How Do I  Get to the Feature Codes Module?

  • On the top menu click Admin

  • In the drop down click Feature Codes

How do I use the Feature Codes Module

See the user guide

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