Dynamic Routes Module


What is it?

Dynamic Routes allows an Admin to set up call flows that choose one of multiple destinations based on the value of a life lookup. The lookup can be done using various methods including MySQL, ODBC, URL, AGI or Asterisk Variable. In addition, Dynamic Routes can be used to send data to the lookup sources.

What could I use it for?

The potential uses are many. Here are some examples:

  • screen calls to a support hotline according to agreed support methods and service levels

  • route calls to a dedicated agent or queue by customer category or importance

  • play different announcements to different callers

  • Route calls to different destinations based on user DTMF input or based on call parameters such as Caller ID, dialed DID, Caller ID name, etc.

  • Send call details to a remote host using the supported lookup methods

basically anything where you want the call to go to a different destination depending on some known data (like the Caller id) or data input by the customer using DTMF keypad (like contract id) or some external data you can collect by a lookup source.

How is it installed?

Since FreePBX version 15, Dynamic Routes can be installed using Module Admin from the Unsupported repository.

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