How to Move a Deployment ID to a new PBX

All commercial modules are purchased for a specific deployment. Each deployment is locked to a specific hardware box when you register your PBX to a Deployment ID.

We allow you to reset the hardware lock on any deployment up to two times from the Portal. After you reset a hardware lock, you can register your deployment to a new hardware box, which will allow the commercial modules to work on your new hardware.

After you have used the hardware reset option from the portal twice, the option will no longer exist. In this case you would need to contact the Customer Service team at to request an exception to be made via a Customer Service Ticket, and for us to perform a reset.

Alternatively, you can reset the hardware lock from the System Admin module within the PBX GUI. See How to Remove a Deployment ID-License File from your PBX.

How to Reset the Hardware Lock (Zend ID)

  1. Log into the Portal at

  2. Click on Products > PBX → List All

  3. Find the deployment for which you would like to reset the Hardware Lock. Note that the Deployment ID number is shown in the "Deployment Name" column. Click on the edit button (Pencil Icon ) for the deployment.

  4. Click on the License tab at the top of your deployment screen


  5. If you have not reset the Hardware Lock more than once, you will see a "Reset Hardware Lock" button. Otherwise you will need to contact support to request a reset via


     The Reset Hardware Lock button is the system that locks this deployment to your specific hardware. Click the Reset Hardware Lock button to allow you to use this deployment ID on a different hardware box.

  6. You can now register this Deployment ID on a new system. See Registering your PBX for Commercial Modules and Support for instructions.



note - if the PBX you are attempting to move the deployment to has been previously registered you must first delete the existing pbxid and license-xxxxxx.zl files from /etc/schmooze before applying the new deployment ID Instructions Here

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