How to Claim Support Credits Card

If you purchase your support contract or support credits from a Sangoma Authorized Distributor you should have received an email from your Distributor with the Support Credit Card Number and Verification code.  You will need both pieces of information to be able to add the support credits to your organization.

  • Log into the Portal at

  • On the left menu click on Support and pick the Redeem Support Card button

  • From here provide the Support Card Number and Verification code that was provided to you by your Sangoma Authorized Distributor and press the Submit button


  • A email will be sent to the Organization who purchased the Support Credits from Sangoma informing them you have claimed the support credits and that we have now transferred them to your account.

  • To verify the credits have now been transferred to you click on the My Support Cards option on the left menu under Support

  • You will now see a list of all Support Credits Card that you have claimed.


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