Connecting Remote Phone to VPN

Getting your newly created FreePBX VPN server config transmitted to a remote phone, the easy way. 

Step-by-step guide

The VPN Setup guide in the WiKi makes the assumption toward the bottom of the page that the phones that receive the new VPN configuration are connected to the FreePBX server. That is not always the case, and the forums have posted many convoluted methods to address the problem.

This guide makes a remote connection to a users phone that is outside of the office network, the easy way.

We are going to authorize a network connection between the FreePBX server and the user's home router. Once connected, the server can push the new VPN configuration files to the remote phone, reboot the phone and establish it as a VPN endpoint so it can always connect to the server, no matter where it roams.


  1. Obtain the users home router public IP address by having them open a new web browser tab and Google "whats my ip?" (ex.

  2. Log in as Admin to your FreePBX server

  3. Connectivity > Firewall > Networks > 

  4. Add new entry (green plus button)

  5. Add user's home router public IP address (ex.

  6. Change permission from Local to Trusted

  7. You may want to note the users name and home location for record keeping

  8. Save


Once the network is in place, the remote phone can receive the new VPN configuration file.

Follow the rest of the VPN Setup instructions in the WiKi.

Once your remote user reports that their phone indicates they are connected via the VPN, you may wish to remove the Network you just established for best security practices.

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