Asterisk Log Files

Log file location

Asterisk log files are located in the directory /var/log/asterisk. There are a variety of different types of log files, generally one file per day going back a certain number of days.

The "full" log is the most detailed, describing each call in great detail.

Working with log files

  • The FreePBX web GUI can be used to view these log files – see Asterisk Logfiles

  • For more detailed log file analysis, the grep command line tool is helpful

  • Another tool helpful in call analysis are call display reports, especially clicking on a call's System Unique ID number to see the Call Event Log breakdown for that particular call – see CDR Reports Module

Configure log file history retention

Other log files to note

  • The system log file in /var/log/messages has TFTP server log information, which can be helpful troubleshooting phone configuration – see View TFTP requests from phones

  • The log file /var/spool/mail/asterisk logs e-mail sending activity


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