FreePBX 17

2024-06-24 Update

FreePBX 17 RC1 - Official release of release candidate 1 for FreePBX 17

Version History

FreePBX 17.0 Beta 2023-12-06

FreePBX 17.0 RC1 2024-06-24

FreePBX 17 GA - TBD

PBXact 17 GA - TBD



FreePBX 17 introduces a new way of setting up a full FreePBX system along with upgrades to various backend and frontend libraries. Traditionally, supported installations were done using an ISO. Going forward supported FreePBX installations will be using an OSS bash script on Debian.

Key highlights of PBX 17

  • PHP 8.2 Support: Keeping current with PHP support, FreePBX 17 uses PHP 8.2, with security support guaranteed through until December 2026.

  • Asterisk 21 Support - 17 is the first FreePBX version to support Asterisk 21. Included in 17 are major updates to FreePBX generated dialplan to accommodate:

    • removal of the chan_sip sip driver

    • Move from the deprecated Asterisk Macro application to GoSub.

    • removal of the Asterisk MySQL application(s)

  • Debian OS:  A move to Debian will allow FreePBX customers and users to perform inline upgrades in the future as well be able to install FreePBX on any public cloud Debian native image. FreePBX will rely on vanilla Debian ISO images going forward which will remove the need for Sangoma to build custom ISO and custom packages, which will result in faster OS and Security updates.

  • Updated NodeJS and Front End Libraries: Staying current with technology and security trends, FreePBX 17 incorporates the NodeJS v18.16 release and updates numerous front-end libraries, security improvements, including jQuery, Bootstrap, and their dependencies.  

How to install FreePBX 17

Please refer to to know more about installation process.

How to upgrade to FreePBX 17

Please refer to to know more about upgrade process.

How to upgrade to Freepbx 17 GA from FreePBX 17 Beta

During the beta period, we are continuously enhancing our installation script and FreePBX-dependent Debian packages to ensure optimal default settings and fix various issues in the FreePBX modules.

For users currently using FreePBX 17 Beta, the recommended approach to upgrade to the General Availability (GA) release is to install a fresh system and then restore your settings. This ensures all default settings are correctly applied.


How to report an issue

Please refer to the Report an issue on GitHub for reporting issues for any open source module.

Please raise a commercial module support ticket for reporting issues for any commercial module.

Please refer to Report a Security Issue in FreePBX/PBXact to report any security issues.

References -

  1. PBX Module documentation PBX Module wiki


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