Fax Pro


Commercial Module


For the standard non-commercial module, please see Fax Configuration.


The Fax Pro module is a reliable, robust inbound/outbound faxing server. You simply enable faxing for any user on the system, then you point a phone number to a specific fax user and let us answer the fax call.

Fax Pro adds functionality to the standard fax capabilities:

  •  While the standard Fax Configuration module allows inbound-only fax-to-email, Fax Pro adds the ability to send outbound faxes.

  • Users can log into the User Control Panel (UCP) to view, send, and receive faxes in a user-friendly interface.

  • You can configure a companywide cover sheet, and users can enter a personal message on the cover sheet for each fax.

  • You can set up a global fax prefix that will control which outbound route is used for faxing.

After global options have been set, you simply enable faxing for any user in the User Management module and point a phone number (DID) to a fax user in the Inbound Routes module.


In version 13+ of the PBX GUI, user-level fax options have moved to the User Management module and are no longer found in the Extensions module.

Fax Pro Features

  • Individual inbound fax to e-mail accounts for unlimited users

  • Outbound faxing capability

  • A simple web interface to manage inbound and outbound faxes

  • Ability to store inbound and outbound faxes on the server for easy viewing and archiving

  • A companywide cover sheet that allows easy customization for each user

  • Ability to configure and manage Asterisk T38 gateway options on each extension and outbound route to take advantage of this feature in Asterisk 10 and newer

User Guide

Fax Pro-Admin Guide

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