How to Remove a Deployment ID-License File from your PBX

All commercial modules are purchased for a specific deployment. Each deployment is locked to a specific hardware box when you register your PBX to a Deployment ID.

We allow you to reset the hardware lock on any deployment up to two times. After you reset a hardware lock, you can register your deployment to a new hardware box, which will allow the commercial modules to work on your new hardware.

After you have used the hardware reset option twice, the option will no longer exist. In this case you would need to contact the sales team at to request an exception to be made, and for us to perform a reset.

You can reset your hardware lock from within the System Admin module of your PBX GUI as described below.

Alternatively, you can reset the hardware lock from the Portal at as described in the wiki How to Move a PBX Deployment to a New PBX.


System Admin 12.0.19 or Newer: Removing the License File

You can remove the license file from within the System Admin module. This will accomplish a Zend reset and allow you to use the Deployment ID on different hardware.

  1. Log into your PBX GUI.

  2. In the top menu go to Admin.

  3. In the drop-down menu go to System Admin.

  4. Click on Activation in the navigation menu.


  5. Press the De-Activate button near the bottom of the page.
    In our example we have already used this option once, so there is only one reset remaining. If you have performed two resets, the option will no longer exist, and you will need to contact the sales team at for assistance.


  6. The license file and information will now be removed from your PBX. You can now apply the Deployment ID to a different system. See the wiki Registering your PBX for Commercial Modules and Support for more information.

System Admin 12.0.18 or Older: Removing the License File

If you are using System Admin v12.0.18 or older, you can remove the license file through the Linux CLI.

  1. Determine the location of the license file on the PBX. Depending on what version you are using, the license file is either located in:

    1. /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin

    2. /etc/schmooze

  2. The license file should be a license-xxxxxxxxx.zl with xxxxxx representing a Deployment ID Number.  Remove this file with the following command, replacing the xxxxx with the actual file name:

    1. rm /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/license-xxxxxxxxx.zl

    2. rm /etc/schmooze/license-xxxxxxxxx.zl

      Removing License file from agi-bin directory on older systems.

      cd /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin    ls    [root@2222222 agi-bin]# ls backuprecordings.php  enc                      phpagi-asmanager.php broadcast_log.php     enumlookup.agi           phpagi.php calllimit             fax.agi                  queue_devstate.agi calllimit.agi         fixlocalprefix           sql.php checksound.agi        license-123456789.zl    update_license.phprm license-123456789.zl

      Removing license file from /etc/schmooze on newer systems.

      cd /etc/schmooze    ls    [root@222222222 schmooze]# ls license-22222222.zl  pbx-brand  pbx-failsafe  pbxid  pbx-version [root@22222222 schmooze]#  rm license-22222222.zl
  3. You also need to remove the pbxid file. Determine the location of this file. Depending on what version you are using, the license file is either located in:

    1. /etc/asterisk/pbxid

    2. /etc/schmooze/pbxid

  4. Remove the pbxid once you find it, with this command:

    1. rm /etc/asterisk/pbxid

    2. rm /etc/schmooze/pbxid

    Removing PBXID from asterisk directory on older systems.

    cd /etc/asterisk/    ls    [root@123456789 asterisk]# ls asterisk.conf                 confbridge_custom.conf                   features_featuremap_additional.conf  iax_custom.conf                 logger_general_custom.conf       musiconhold.conf ccss.conf                     dahdi-channels.conf                      features_featuremap_custom.conf      iax_custom_post.conf            logger_logfiles_additional.conf  musiconhold_custom.conf ccss_general_additional.conf  directorypro                             features_general_additional.conf     iax_general_additional.conf     logger_logfiles_custom.conf      pbxid                   ccss_general_custom.conf      enum.conf                                features_general_custom.conf         iax_general_custom.conf         manager_additional.conf          phone.conf            [root@123456789 asterisk]# rm pbxid

    Removing PBXID file from /etc/schmooze on newer systems.


  5. Restart Apache to clear out any cache.

    Removing PBXID file from /etc/schmooze on newer systems.

  6. You can now register your PBX as usual, following this guide: Registering your PBX for Commercial Modules and Support

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