Registering your PBX for Commercial Modules and Support

PBXact Notice

All PBXact and PBXtended systems are registered with the store through your order process, so you do not need to follow the steps below. The instructions below are for FreePBX systems only.

Registering your FreePBX system allows you to extend its functionality by adding on non-GPL "commercial modules" (paid or free). In order to use any commercial modules, you will first need to register your PBX with our license server in the FreePBX Portal.

Brand-New Installation? Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) Activation is Quick and Easy!

New installations of the FreePBX Distro will prompt you with an opportunity to register your system. The Out-of-Box Experience makes registering your FreePBX system to the FreePBX Portal easier than ever before.

Our Using OOBE wiki shows you the process and includes a video. If you are using this process to register your system, you won't have to follow the instructions below.

Existing Installation? How to Register Your FreePBX System for Commercial Modules

You'll need to have an account in the FreePBX Portal. If you do not yet have a portal account, please follow the instructions in our How to Create a Portal Account wiki.

The PBX registration process varies depending upon your type of installation.

Please select the appropriate guide below:

  • FreePBX DistroThe FreePBX Distro officially supports all commercial modules. Each module is tested and built for the FreePBX Distro. This is the recommended distro to use with commercial modules.

  • OpenVZ with FreePBX System: For users who are using OpenVZ with the VPS set up to use the VENET interface. (If using VETH interfaces, you can skip this wiki and go straight to the guide below about how to register a non-FreePBX Distro system on CentOS/RH/SL/EL 6.X.

  • FreePBX-based system on CentOS/RH/SL/EL 6 with php 5.3: Non-FreePBX Distro systems, such as PIAF, do not support FreePBX commercial modules at the time of installation. You will need to install a few packages and a FreePBX module in order to register your system. You should be able to use most commercial modules, but there are no guarantees, and this is not officially supported or tested.

More Information on Registration

Our wiki Why Should I Register My PBX has more information on what happens when you choose to register your system.

More Information on Commercial Modules


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