Installing Purchased Commercial Modules


After you register your system and purchase a commercial module from the Portal Store, you just need to do two basic things in order to get the new module up and running:

  • Update the license file of your PBX so it recognizes the newly purchased module as being licensed.

  • Install the module if it is not already installed. (On most systems, all commercial modules are preinstalled.)

You do not need to look for a keycode, serial number, download link, or an e-mail containing your software. Your new purchase will automatically be tied to the Deployment ID that you selected during checkout. The final steps for licensing, downloading, and installing your new module are explained below. You will use the System Admin and Module Admin modules of your PBX GUI to complete the process.

How To Update the License File of the PBX

  1. Log into your PBX GUI.

  2. Go to Admin → System Admin.

  3. Depending on your version of the PBX GUI, click on either the License or Activation option on the right side of your screen.

  4. You should now see all modules that the deployment is licensed for. Verify that the license on your box shows all the commercial modules that you have purchased.  

  5. If you do not see your new item listed, simply press the Check, or Update License, or Update Activation button depending on what version of Sysadmin you have installed. The PBX should reach out to our license server and update your licenses.

 With some routers or firewalls, you may not see the license items get updated after a few seconds, and will need to press the button a second time.

  1. Check your list of registered modules again, and you should see the newly licensed modules.


NOTE: You may have to perform the following step in the linux shell (after verifying that the license is showing in the deployment information in the portal) to get licensed modules to show up in the GUI, as some PBX's cache the license file in apache. If you see this issue, run the following command from the linux shell:

service httpd restart

How To Install Commercial Modules in FreePBX

On most systems, all commercial modules are preinstalled. Typically, you do not need to install a module after you purchase a license for it. The instructions below explain how to check whether modules are installed, and how to install them if needed.

How to Check Whether a Module is Installed

  1. Log into your PBX GUI.

  2. Go to Admin → Module Admin.

  3. The table shows a list of modules along with their version, track, publisher, license, and status. Look for your module in the list.

    1. If you find the module in the list and its status is "Enabled," the module is installed and ready for you to use (as long as it is licensed).

    2. If you find the module in the list but its status is "Disabled," you need to enable the module. See the full Module Admin User Guide for info.

    3. If you cannot find the module in the list, proceed with the installation instructions below.

How to Install a Commercial Module

  1. Log into your PBX GUI.

  2. Go to Admin → Module Admin.

  3. Select the Commercial repository (button will be dark blue when selected).

  4. Click the Check Online button.

  5. The list will update to include commercial modules that are available but not installed.
    In our example, the QXact Reports module is not installed.

  6. Click the arrow or the name of the module in order to expand the information for it.

  7. Click the Install or Download and Install button, as appropriate, to select it. (The button is dark blue when selected.) This button does not actually perform the action, but it selects the action that will be performed.
    In our example, we are downloading and installing QXact Reports.

  8. Click the Process button near the top of the screen.

  9. The next page will summarize your selected actions. Click the Confirm button to confirm the actions.

  10. Click the Return button that appears after the process is complete.

  11. Click the Apply Config button.

  12. Your module should now show as installed and enabled.

  13. You can navigate to the module in the PBX GUI menu.

More Information on System Admin & Module Admin

The instructions above give a basic overview of how to update the license file of the PBX, check for enabled modules, and download and install new commercial modules.

More detailed user guides for the System Admin and Module Admin modules are available. These guides cover other features that are not explained here, including how to update modules. Click on one of the links below to go to the wiki for that module.

System Admin Module

Module Admin Module

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