Installation on CentOS 6.X and RHEL 6.X based systems

→ COMMERCIAL MODULES NOT SUPPORTED See How to Purchase FreePBX Commercial Modules

→ COMMERCIAL MODULES NOT SUPPORTED See How to Purchase FreePBX Commercial Modules


Registering your PBX system to the Sangoma Portal allows you to purchase commercial module add-ons to your PBX system. We refer to each PBX as a "Deployment" in the portal. Deployments are PBX instances that allow software and support to be connected with a PBX. Before you are able to purchase commercial modules or software, you must have at least one deployment registered and licensed. For more information, please see Registering your System for Commercial Modules.

Non-FreePBX Distro systems, such as PIAF, do not support FreePBX commercial modules at the time of installation. You will need to install a few packages and a FreePBX module to register your system. Please follow the guide below to enable support for FreePBX commercial modules.

Commercial modules are only officially supported on the FreePBX Distro. Any FreePBX system with FreePBX 2.10 or greater, CentOS/RH/SL/EL 6.x and php 5.3 should work with most commercial modules, but there are no guarantees that all features and functions will work. You are on your own if there are issues, but you can purchase support and contact the FreePBX paid support department for assistance.

Install RPMs to enable FreePBX Commercial Module Support

You need to have a few RPMs installed on your system. You will need to log in with SSH as the root user, enable a repo file, and install the following RPMs.

  1. Enable the FreePBX Commercial yum repos

    wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d/ -N
  2. yum clean all to clean out yum cache so it will find new RPMs

    yum clean all
  3. yum install needed RPMs for Commercial Modules

    yum -y install php-5.3-zend-guard-loader sysadmin fail2ban incron ImageMagick
  4. Ensure you have the right mirror servers to be able to download and obtain commercial modules

  5. Now that you have the needed RPMs installed, you can continue with the setup.

    You may need to reboot your system at this point so the system will recognize the php zend guard loader and allow you to proceed.

Install the System Admin module in FreePBX 


Log into your FreePBX system and attempt to locate the System Admin Module in the GUI. If the System Admin module is installed on your FreePBX system, stop here and skip to the section "Register your FreePBX system to our License Server" in the FreePBX Distro wiki.

Otherwise, if System Admin is not installed, follow the steps below to enable the System Admin module:


  1. Go to Admin → Module Admin:



  2. Select the Commercial repository and click the Check Online button.


  3. Select the option to Download and Install the System Admin Module by , and click on the Process button.

  4. Confirm your selection.

  5. Wait while the system downloads the System Admin Module, then click on Return.

  6. Make sure to click the Apply Config button once the module has installed.

You can now follow the normal guide for registering your PBX as outlined in the  "Register your FreePBX system to our License Server" in the FreePBX Distro wiki..

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