Why should I Register my PBX

PBXact Notice

All PBXact and PBXtended systems are automatically registered with the store during your order process, so you do not need to manually register. The information below is for FreePBX systems only.




Why should I register my FreePBX system?

FreePBX has always been OpenSource (Licensed under GPL) and always will be. The reason to register your FreePBX system with the FreePBX License servers is to allow you to add-on non-GPL "commercial modules." These commercial modules include both free and paid modules to help enhance the FreePBX feature set.

What does registering my FreePBX System actually do?

When you register your FreePBX system with the FreePBX license server, we do a few things:

  1. A deployment number is created in the Portal. Each PBX is known as a "deployment" to the license server, and each deployment receives a unique deployment number.

  2. A unique hash on your system hardware is generated using the PHP Zend Guard software. This unique hardware hash is stored on the license server. It links the deployment number to this unique hardware hash, known as the Zend ID.

  3. When you purchase free or paid commercial modules, you pick which deployment the modules are being purchased for. We will generate a license file for that deployment. You cannot move a commercial module from one deployment to another, as the purchase is for that specific deployment.

  4. You can reset the hardware lock from inside the portal once. This will release the hardware lock on your deployment and let you register the deployment ID with a new system. See our wiki for instructions on How to Move a Deployment to a new PBX.

  5. Any time you purchase a new commercial module for a deployment, you simply need to go into the System Admin module under "License" and tell the system to check for an updated license file by clicking the Update Activation button.

How Do I Register my System?

Please see our wiki Registering your System for Commercial Modules.

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