Prem to PBXact Cloud - Migration Module




The Migration Module provides the PBX admin with an easy to follow, step by step wizard to transfer settings from an existing prem FreePBX or PBXact system, securely to a new PBXact Cloud deployment. The Administrator can select which CDR/CEL records (if any) to include in the migration as well as choose which call and system recordings to copy.


Customer / User should have a PBXact store account and cloud instance. Please refer to below link for creating a new PBXact store account


There is no licensing cost required to run this module. 

Supported PBX Versions

This module is supported only on FreePBX Distro platforms. 

Support PBX versions - 13, 14 , 15 and 16.


How to install the Cloud-Migration module


FreePBX V13 will not list this module in GUI so install the module from CLI

"fwconsole ma downloadinstall cloudmigration --tag 13.0.15"

1.Go to the GUI →Admin →Module Admin.


2.On the Modules tab, Enable the Commercial Repo and then click on the "Check Online" button.


3."Check online" will fetch the latest available modules from our mirror server and then it will display available modules.

Select "Download and Install" and "Process"


4.This will again ask for the confirmation to install the cloud migration module.


5.After installing the module, you can find the cloud migration module in the admin menu.




Getting started with migration

Below are the 6 easy steps to migrate on-premises PBX systems to the DCS-based PBXact 2.0 cloud


Migration begins with the evaluation of the size and resource configuration that can be planned to move to the cloud. 
Here user can verify

  • Extension count details

  • Disk space of call recordings and voicemail 

  • Modules that are not supported on the cloud.

  • Custom configuration files that are not supported on the cloud


Custom files/folders are not supported for migration to cloud instance. 

This step is essential to inspect migration feasibility. 



In this step of the migration, the user has been given options to select the duration for which the CDR, CEL, Queue logs data can be taken backup and also has options to select

  1. Call Recording files

  2. Voicemail Recordings

  3. Sound file directories

  4. Music files.

Once they are done with the selection, User can click on the "Click here to take backup" button to start the backup process.

Note - PBX Backup Recommendations

CDR, CEL, Queue logs, Call Recordings and Voicemail data can contribute to a large backup file size, which in turn requires more disk space on the Cloud PBX.
It is recommended that only the minimum duration required to be retained be selected, and that non-essential data be excluded from the transfer for the CDR, CEL, Queues, Call Recording, and Voicemail data.




In this step, the user has to log in to their cloud account and choose the cloud instance for migration. The selected system will be validated and the user will be moved to the next step if the selected cloud instance satisfies the minimum requirements.



Once the system is validated user can upload the backup to the cloud by clicking "Upload" button. This can be a time-consuming process if backup has a huge amount of data.




This step includes the actual migration of the PBX. Once the backup is uploaded to the cloud, the User can start restoring process by clicking the "Restore Backup" button 

Restoring backup has 5 main phases :

  • Initiate

  • Process

  • Download Backup

  • Restore

  • Reprovision


Once the restore process is completed users are ready to migrate to cloud

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