Call Recording Reports

Commercial Module


Many industries must record and archive calls for reasons related to customer satisfaction, employee evaluation and training, security, or legal compliance. Managing these recordings within Asterisk typically involves a lot of management time sorting and filtering call detail records to manually extract system call recordings.

Tired of searching the system call detail records for call recordings? Running out of storage on your system due to required archiving of call recordings? With the Call Recording Reports module you can view, sort , listen to, archive, and download all recorded calls on your system.


  • View lists of recordings sorted by year, month, and day

  • Auto-archive calls recorded by Asterisk

  • Download archives as .tgz files that can be opened using common tools like Winzip

  • Directly listen to and download individual call recordings that exist on your system

  • Automatically delete the oldest archive to control disk storage as new archives are created

  • Automatically create a new archive on the first day of each month

  • Send an automatically generated e-mail reminder when an archive is created

  • Sort recordings by call type, source, destination, time, or duration




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