Firmware, D-Series


Naming Conventions

The releases are named / numbered in the format:

MAJOR_MINOR_BUGFIX_MODEL_firmware.eff, e.g.


Phone Firmware Downloads

Sangoma D-Series Phone firmware releases are made available, outside of general platform use in Sangoma's UC/UCaaS platforms at the following download location:

Older packages in tar.gz format are no longer provided.


Firmware Releases and Changes


October 31, 2023

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct calling issue that can occur with low-MTU connections

    • Correct regression introduced in 2_9_22 that caused D6x model telephones to inadvertently send a SIP code 486 when in DND mode while status application configuration did not specify such behavior

    • Correct long-standing issue exposed by changes made in 2_9_24 and 2_9_25 that caused a failure to initially light the headset audio path indicator LED on first press on an incoming call

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 1081d0f513ffaf2886afa73256d59d47 2_9_26_D40_firmware.eff

  • 0e245ecaebc34ce7a392ab4f083dee44 2_9_26_D45_firmware.eff

  • 351a3f55fdb81ea8933743869745c98e 2_9_26_D50_firmware.eff

  • e38ef382495fb1081807c13b6f2163b8 2_9_26_D60_firmware.eff

  • 6dcf1466d1349bb1cbea16dfa2898d97 2_9_26_D62_firmware.eff

  • d211a770633b677ba8bae8d262d77924 2_9_26_D65_firmware.eff

  • 954ccb996ae17604720d7b932aee1e2b 2_9_26_D70_firmware.eff


June 15, 2023

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct improper checking of VLAN id in phone web UI if LLDP mode is enabled

    • Correct improper "Start" translation for multicast broadcast screen, D6x models

  • New Features:

    • Add support for honoring three new SIP headers on an incoming invite:

      • Alert-Info-Ring-Volume=(1-10) - ignore local device ring volume setting, and use the value in this header

      • Alert-Info-Speaker-Volume=(1-10) - ignore local device speaker volume setting, and use the value in this header

      • Alert-Info-Interrupt=1 - Automatically put any current call on hold, auto-answer the call and play audio through speaker or through headset if it's already off-hook, similar to what is done with the priority and interrupt options of multicast

  • Improvements:

    • Enable use_secure_labels by default

    • Use action IDs instead of action names to filter transfer actions in Contact Info screen

    • Allow telephone to parse zero as an acceptable character for a NAT keep-alive method

    • Update certain system libraries

MD5 Sums
  • 5c227ba4b09f37d97720eb3edc0f9272 2_9_25_D40_firmware.eff

  • 60e57d255b3f64eb22f9f9b5ff158f92 2_9_25_D45_firmware.eff

  • aa5c2d5e6542638454ba5f845ae71949 2_9_25_D50_firmware.eff

  • a2171a123f2a665e135a51f2e6c4c291 2_9_25_D60_firmware.eff

  • 0c2647c7c4a107e8501a45ded1850fe8 2_9_25_D62_firmware.eff

  • 15110db55181a5d0c074656accbe29b0 2_9_25_D65_firmware.eff

  • 576cc92f01a8b024aac783dd04f54b56 2_9_25_D70_firmware.eff



April 11, 2023

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Improve LLDP-MED detection for Meraki and similar switches

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • fc25691f28ea8dfb72d8ae73badd4507 2_9_23_4_D40_firmware.eff

  • 90d0fbec58ee6139f1bf019887efd6b8 2_9_23_4_D45_firmware.eff

  • d3b63c691d3d2d6a702c9b0c60b11255 2_9_23_4_D50_firmware.eff

  • ccad53f0ad07d4751ef2cbb49fe46c50 2_9_23_4_D60_firmware.eff

  • 7c76f26f0b2440e3fe13dd2a2bbe8492 2_9_23_4_D62_firmware.eff

  • 5e544e54987c672ff6290a2acdbf5910 2_9_23_4_D65_firmware.eff

  • 5b600b5cda018b13f45bf4a46b2fb82e 2_9_23_4_D70_firmware.eff


September 26, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct improper parsing of certain BLF Item phone states that resulted in a phone crash

  • New Features:

    • Implement remote call control via in-dialog NOTIFY talk and hold events, D6x only

  • Improvements:

    • Improve representation of on-screen graphics resulting in file system and memory savings, D6x only

    • Update Sangoma logos, D6x only

MD5 Sums
  • 850e6a8e1f03f1c0e7d51e95ccc1f5ce 2_9_23_D40_firmware.eff

  • b4ff132903b2f807a3ddf85f2cec7be2 2_9_23_D45_firmware.eff

  • 8ebca28732e57ce277c0fbb68a40d8d1 2_9_23_D50_firmware.eff

  • 24f860ce32d870edfc5f0e757d6871b3 2_9_23_D60_firmware.eff

  • 7c2ea6920f757fe65d0cf8dba3671ff7 2_9_23_D62_firmware.eff

  • 6297330e92ac226b5fd045748f759e8e 2_9_23_D65_firmware.eff

  • 98bd38560c4d1b8f149d7647ecc01fdc 2_9_23_D70_firmware.eff


August 11, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure of call log app when using server-supplied call log entries void of the viewed attribute

    • Correct failure of EXP150 expansion modules to properly follow the main phone's brightness and dimming rules, D65 only

  • New Features:

    • Add multicast paging broadcast app, accessible from the app screen or a rapid dial key, D6x models only

  • Improvements:

    • Improve LLDP behavior to account for certain switches that require low TTL to initiate timely LLDP packet generation on boot and increase discovery period

    • Ensure all accounts are in a DND status when DND is set from the Status app in simple app mode, D6x models only

MD5 Sums
  • c16d651bd9d3abfa5bc8be088cff3b70 2_9_22_D40_firmware.eff

  • 53663f73faec12376876987cd1092593 2_9_22_D45_firmware.eff

  • 18c84f9612f77a3a1f1f7ea4445f3f72 2_9_22_D50_firmware.eff

  • d0a6ce1da0ebfc33a16dc28886e6e275 2_9_22_D60_firmware.eff

  • 10f987ad18865677d7927c2c272fa63c 2_9_22_D62_firmware.eff

  • 7febecb919a88476493b9519789b8b70 2_9_22_D65_firmware.eff

  • 78db319b6d56789b4cf976eda86d71a0 2_9_22_D70_firmware.eff


Internal Date - July 18, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Account for change in Switchvox RTAPI login procedure introduced in 7.9

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 4a257b304ff3129e7274064bac6f416e 1_12_14_D80_firmware.eff


June 1, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct improper resolution of phone service during boot sequence that resulted in significant delays for non-Internet-connected units

    • Correct various SIP stack parsing issues

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • beda3cbdcc09171ab13f3b5acd41f5a7 1_12_13_D80_firmware.eff


May 26, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct regression causing phone app crash when executing Dial soft key from Call Log Detail screen

    • Correct error causing blank soft keys when canceling the Filter popup in the Call Log app

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 3e8b9cee395a6de3e449ba05bdc8a63e 2_9_21_D40_firmware.eff

  • 8918a686fdf564df12330d115a2e4c3d 2_9_21_D45_firmware.eff

  • f54a987a59b50e644a454e064270679a 2_9_21_D50_firmware.eff

  • 267ad3c6b1dfe3b20ca1307723ff30d6 2_9_21_D60_firmware.eff

  • 5089286092cc92e57d7d15cd3ad0b81e 2_9_21_D62_firmware.eff

  • d9184d4b62367c857d456995bb1bde1d 2_9_21_D65_firmware.eff

  • 789ff2486cbdff7e23e55a189aa7b60e 2_9_21_D70_firmware.eff


May 19, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct SIP stack issue with parsing improperly crafted DNS packets

    • Enter call log app using correct account on a multi-line phone when entering from the Account Info screen

    • Correct improper behavior when joining two calls into conference when an outbound proxy is in use

    • Correct timing issue that presented failure when attempting to filter call logs while retrieving calls from the call log API

    • Correct improper behavior when firmware elements without a model identifier are parsed

    • Correct improper behavior in the WebUI given improper account setup in the phone's running configuration

  • New Features:

    • Allow host-based configuration of MWI subscriptions, D6x only

    • Allow period config re-check for phones configured using cURL, not DPMA, method, D6x only

  • Improvements:

    • Preserve additional network setup logging information for use by Sangoma Technical Support

    • Fully remove old LogOut app

MD5 Sums
  • 6f8cff06ba70494c72bfed9a9c992bd0 2_9_20_D40_firmware.eff

  • 40752a2808c89233d429e9883063f540 2_9_20_D45_firmware.eff

  • a30c495832f68dd556745b9175c0408c 2_9_20_D50_firmware.eff

  • 53186c35abdcfd3d64c61d2f2a1b8368 2_9_20_D60_firmware.eff

  • 0b3f6d5bb49b348636ea5d13e4640220 2_9_20_D62_firmware.eff

  • dc9f3796ffbf807d50d3fcf9e205da4f 2_9_20_D65_firmware.eff

  • edc1eb7276644c93388843c42cca4ae5 2_9_20_D70_firmware.eff


Feb 22, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to preserve certain local phone configuration settings when phone is configured via cloud provisioning

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • aa21a1c6a4406aa3f07f097e87929baa 2_9_19_D40_firmware.eff

  • c083f73b9b7760710c5433e82ea45f8b 2_9_19_D45_firmware.eff

  • 3334f75f7cd747a89844165d17358628 2_9_19_D50_firmware.eff

  • 7ccd6dd2f42c6af19c7f4d38188ca6bd 2_9_19_D60_firmware.eff

  • dc11b7e762ee64b87718d0cfd494ee19 2_9_19_D62_firmware.eff

  • 3df29f2af854793a78fba5d02efd2d9c 2_9_19_D65_firmware.eff

  • 67a4b43e74f5f41cef5196107836432d 2_9_19_D70_firmware.eff


Feb 14, 2022

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue responding to redirection command on networks slow to provide network connectivity

    • Correct issue updating the settings in the Preferences/Sound Settings menu when changing a volume setting when Reset Volume After Each Call is set to no

  • New Features:

    • Implement a configuration menu item under the Advanced screen that allows for resetting only the UI-related configuration items

    • Support transmission of setLastViewed API call to supporting servers when viewing server-stored call logs to help support synchronization of viewed, missed calls across devices

  • Improvements:

    • Prevent enabling of BT functionality on model D65 telephones that do not have BT hardware

MD5 Sums
  • 1a0ce20b651710b52c881f35c9ee559f 2_9_18_D40_firmware.eff

  • e9a55aa0d9b235e45de3aaa6e879d2e9 2_9_18_D45_firmware.eff

  • acea928c44c5966967de944d402d5bc0 2_9_18_D50_firmware.eff

  • 638fbba4127b34f02f09012646e53ade 2_9_18_D60_firmware.eff

  • fd84a08edde447a98f52ee28e88b8b60 2_9_18_D62_firmware.eff

  • 55b30a8f2e76f7ac953978295826db82 2_9_18_D65_firmware.eff

  • c94eb0b0ca3adedc93d536ea60d89518 2_9_18_D70_firmware.eff


Dec 3, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct occasional issue with SRTP decoding at the beginning of a call

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Update timezone database to 2020a version

    • Improve handling of 486 busy by providing call screen status message of "Busy" and presentation of Normal busy tone instead of Congestion

    • Remove extraneous blind transfer options in Contact Screen details page when certain conditions are met

MD5 Sums
  • 0e8a50ef2410990302f7fa623932cf77 2_9_17_D40_firmware.eff

  • c322c3e8f0b2810f4df2a85a7d6e5c74 2_9_17_D45_firmware.eff

  • a919b46c13ea2d9c08be0a7ee8843437 2_9_17_D50_firmware.eff

  • 1154f1ed78be1366e5e8765775deadd3 2_9_17_D60_firmware.eff

  • 7e6df91c747c087322c92db07369fe9c 2_9_17_D62_firmware.eff

  • 98805a0381fc5b98777a47ba9452bb2e 2_9_17_D65_firmware.eff

  • ba449788571b8504ce1c24f879bd20c2 2_9_17_D70_firmware.eff


Oct 11, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Update certificate store

MD5 Sums
  • cd2995c7fb9d1f5f0865eeca2feb3463 1_12_12_D80_firmware.eff


Oct 4, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Update certificate store

MD5 Sums
  • 21e47663cce25a4410ee3edc3c1931ed 2_9_16_D40_firmware.eff

  • 225196b2989e89bd74105bccef86ca24 2_9_16_D45_firmware.eff

  • e5e293c9bcfd9e5406bab6d22685535f 2_9_16_D50_firmware.eff

  • c3191e48d64abc2386e4218759edfe9a 2_9_16_D60_firmware.eff

  • 8ab60bd751ebe1b092fb6afd98f8ccbf 2_9_16_D62_firmware.eff

  • fe199415a9b45c0b6370d0b5ee0cdcd7 2_9_16_D65_firmware.eff

  • c969aa5569196e6cb1918974e6343eab 2_9_16_D70_firmware.eff


Sep 7, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to honor the Cancel hard key and the "X" line key when editing SIP lines from the UI, additionally replace erroneous use of "Cancel" instead of "Back" when in the same screen

    • Correct erroneous double-counting of waiting messages when both normal and urgent new messages are presented in the NOTIFY

    • Correct English-language misspelling in SSL Authentication error message

    • Correct occasional crash when displaying server URL during config fetch boot screen

    • Correct failure to properly display MWI count in some instances against Business Voice servers

  • New Features:

    • Add new Web UI page, accessible at /configserver that allows configuration and re-configuration of the phone's Sangoma Configuration Server URL or specification of the phone's Fetch Configuration From settings. When configuration is made via this screen, network, 802.1X, and SSL settings are preserved, but other phone settings are overwritten

    • Provide plumbing necessary to support Business Voice provisioning

    • Allow configuration of MWI URI using the account parameter mwi_subscription_uri, D6x models only

    • Allow host-specific outbound proxy definition as well as definition of outbound proxy transport, D6x models only

  • Improvements:

    • Improve boot screen logic to show "Booting Phone" instead of "Launching Phone"

    • Prevent unnecessary restarts in some instances by removing the  enable_ice and stunaddr settings from the list of restart conditions for a D6x model telephone as those settings are not supported by those models, D6x models only 

    • Address cosmetic issue in boot config localization screen

MD5 Sums
  • 549fd69025717c70732236303975e751 2_9_15_D40_firmware.eff

  • dba26175d77963333dcee9be1d5b3a3d 2_9_15_D45_firmware.eff

  • f0e1ddab36686be44d1d8e4d2c57d372 2_9_15_D50_firmware.eff

  • 3766622c298f7db81bd723ee4cd1a834 2_9_15_D60_firmware.eff

  • 742e8d1abe82464a6f4166a855977ff4 2_9_15_D62_firmware.eff

  • d4df9f8aed120677ff0848986050d571 2_9_15_D65_firmware.eff

  • ed56d4be573a302e4c9a3751f270a889 2_9_15_D70_firmware.eff


June 14, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct a token authorization regression introduced in 2_9_13

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 875c40c4a421a2e99989fc984624d2ce 2_9_14_D40_firmware.eff

  • 2c6fbd3dba1792d5e1cfb90dc47f79d7 2_9_14_D45_firmware.eff

  • 4231cdbbd9f34e3bd79f054fe415c78c 2_9_14_D50_firmware.eff

  • 2219cfb9509aeb1259f04b90b8e4103f 2_9_14_D60_firmware.eff

  • f50ff5e9d998f91087f0673cd583edab 2_9_14_D62_firmware.eff

  • 37a9a431dbeacd44311a6405a0f05751 2_9_14_D65_firmware.eff

  • a813e0e1e71b60eee581db61a7a20399 2_9_14_D70_firmware.eff


May 27, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • Allow wildcard TLS certs by default 

    • Allow configuration of RTAPI server URL

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • c80af6e0218b9c95aec915c9cc856610 1_12_11_D80_firmware.eff


May 27, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct improper transmission of return characters in phone service reporting

  • New Features:

    • Allow wildcard TLS certs by default

  • Improvements:

    • Improve logging for certain hot desk situations

    • Improve Logout translation strings

MD5 Sums
  • 9a60bd07ed8e039ea847438b24055336 2_9_13_D40_firmware.eff

  • dba7c22ac53d05368b9489ca6929f0ab 2_9_13_D45_firmware.eff

  • 3a552f6b24fce58017a4e140ca9d5fe1 2_9_13_D50_firmware.eff

  • 9bd7ee54ea08b6bde5a25eaa7e0038a8 2_9_13_D60_firmware.eff

  • c8ad1111d38381e895806945b2af5c89 2_9_13_D62_firmware.eff

  • ef3389adcfcb6ebd93eccf9bcbf5f14a 2_9_13_D65_firmware.eff

  • 12f8934a9ee56dfc09f7bdb2accef8c5 2_9_13_D70_firmware.eff


This firmware provides a change in default phone behavior. In previous versions, wildcard certificates for SIP TLS connectivity were not allowed by default, in accordance with SIP standards. Because this has created a problem in practice, we are reversing this behavior. For this firmware and forward, wildcard certificates will be allowed for SIP TLS connectivity.


May 27, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct error with unending appending of MAC if appending to user-agent is enabled

    • Correct error in handling fetch of call logs via proxy, introduced in 2.9.10

    • Correct an intermittent issues with D6x phones while removing the Config Updating banner

    • Correct an error in advertising the Opus codec that was introduced in a previous release, D6x models only

  • New Features:

    • Add support for new hot-desking application, D6x models only 

    • Allow toggle of the DND soft key in simple mode

    • Add "Duration" to the Parking app, D6x models only

  • Improvements:

    • Default Opus encoding to variable bitrate mode (VBR) instead of constant bitrate mode (CBR), D6x models only

    • Remove credentials from AE syslogs

    • Remove "Digium Switchvox" from idle screen company text for Switchvox-mode phones

    • Support updated EXP150 firmware feature to match long-press time for D6x phones

    • Support updated EXP150 firmware feature that supports BLF page timeout

    • Remove unused LogOut application

MD5 Sums
  • 469baf3df7862bd49b2887b2f048d864 2_9_12_D40_firmware.eff

  • b15dc736d747571c09632a30e2ec816d 2_9_12_D45_firmware.eff

  • 1f192599c1644d8fae5d9ed40583da08 2_9_12_D50_firmware.eff

  • cd4a2a8d5de373d74f7e174fee6d66a5 2_9_12_D60_firmware.eff

  • 416cf715112ccbf484ac519f9aec80ea 2_9_12_D62_firmware.eff

  • 31e3a739d74e33f126203c5b34a579a5 2_9_12_D65_firmware.eff

  • 137a3fcbf54c6a9d652bc2e2949b2e76 2_9_12_D70_firmware.eff


January 6, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct improper Contacts app header label

    • Address potential memory corruption

    • Correct failure to apply proper prefix for Call Log API requests

  • New Features:

    • None 

  • Improvements:

    • Update numerous behaviors

MD5 Sums
  • cff757f66c9b1c80f6afb57e22292d68 2_9_10_D40_firmware.eff

  • 70255dd07faa720c1c18e99a686638f2 2_9_10_D45_firmware.eff

  • a3ded6e4467eecf84b5fe72fafcc59c9 2_9_10_D50_firmware.eff

  • da0880ab10b257ada8fa2e8c38e972c1 2_9_10_D60_firmware.eff

  • 2d98c2b0ff383147e46c4956aef95346 2_9_10_D62_firmware.eff

  • 73484459964d50e071827304c3b0545a 2_9_10_D65_firmware.eff

  • b2c97165c212b599bde9c9ea3c1e693f 2_9_10_D70_firmware.eff


January 6, 2021

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Update numerous behaviors

MD5 Sums
  • 6d76aed48a3f9cab4f64a3f41662929a 1_12_10_D80_firmware.eff


July 10, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to properly connect to Tech Support server

  • New Features:

    • None 

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • d2975d08d25d6f9d3e8ad7b80f419951 2_9_9_D40_firmware.eff

  • e4cdb8ed733d51147739b96c793bf314 2_9_9_D45_firmware.eff

  • 347ef358567b166dadaf427abec7ad86 2_9_9_D50_firmware.eff

  • 8c941590dd8ab6042a99f8c40f3deeba 2_9_9_D60_firmware.eff

  • 88801ba1f827d998b153cddfedb8a58b 2_9_9_D62_firmware.eff

  • becc1f592dc5340d46dcb1f727c9d133 2_9_9_D65_firmware.eff

  • 777038f3b22117407dbf8f3e2e9162ed 2_9_9_D70_firmware.eff


July 10, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to properly connect to Tech Support server

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • e61232e63f748f8fed17f923a7511a5e 1_12_8_D80_firmware.eff


June 10, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Remove expired AddTrust root CA

  • New Features:

    • None 

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • bc29e98566637def002d53b22b56150e 2_9_8_D40_firmware.eff

  • 892d921bf35bafcfaa299e137cf92a00 2_9_8_D45_firmware.eff

  • 5407ab9a30a85489f689e405df30c925 2_9_8_D50_firmware.eff

  • a65111f09546c256feb1bd352194ca33 2_9_8_D60_firmware.eff

  • 4bf17b1aa212e647176203510ec38a9e 2_9_8_D62_firmware.eff

  • 011f9f145a858606a3dc4b479936297d 2_9_8_D65_firmware.eff

  • bddecf70abcdbc349d301ab9bedec52a 2_9_8_D70_firmware.eff


June 10, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct incorrect 802.1X labels within bootconfig menu

    • Remove expired AddTrust root CA

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 093113f4234762653feb7bbe4fa25ae7 1_12_7_D80_firmware.eff


May 27, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct occasional time offset issue when utilizing Switchvox Call Log API

    • Mitigate occasional issue with marginal DC power supplies

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 9e99ba3932ea50eeed147d603834b440 1_12_6_D80_firmware.eff


May 20, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • None 

  • Improvements:

    • Allow a definition of 0 for the backlight dimming level to completely shut off the LCD backlight for D6x models. Further, when the phone is dimmed to 0, reconfiguration functions processed by the phone will not cause the backlight to turn on.

MD5 Sums
  • 167de91ab0d3a70f8bf132074ff11d83 2_9_7_D40_firmware.eff

  • 708d79577b8c61c00a70e2b126386a15 2_9_7_D45_firmware.eff

  • 9c6428a9557c6b0d5b8288b908bf5c89 2_9_7_D50_firmware.eff

  • c9764540676682aaf5bd0152cb15ec1d 2_9_7_D60_firmware.eff

  • 2bcd00185c4bcc1ced212262d04ef5ea 2_9_7_D62_firmware.eff

  • 553c9a1239e6d5dc060b7bb5ca3fc517 2_9_7_D65_firmware.eff

  • b39cac65fba2c748b35a106aaae53d66 2_9_7_D70_firmware.eff


March 24, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • Allow Call Log API host to be specified differently from the primary account's host 

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • d82749cdb55abb239e1e6d90945118cf 1_12_5_D80_firmware.eff


March 20, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct error in preserving UI-entered 802.1X settings across a server reconfigure

  • New Features:

    • Allow Call Log API host to be specified differently from the primary account's host 

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • d95695bd8bddc1a7ba8755213000743d 2_9_6_D40_firmware.eff

  • 013097eab167cfdbd68e52de4f363fa1 2_9_6_D45_firmware.eff

  • bd46b03ffc36384ffd29f476c06d33c4 2_9_6_D50_firmware.eff

  • 8814ca668dad3343b73f95e16b4e1ecc 2_9_6_D60_firmware.eff

  • 26fc11d8df25742112c3a434439db09c 2_9_6_D62_firmware.eff

  • f7e3a0ddbdcea21e421cf906355aba78 2_9_6_D65_firmware.eff

  • f309cf5164ecf47d7ba024cd91daf705 2_9_6_D70_firmware.eff


March 10, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • Add new setting (prefer_dialpad_over_incoming) to allow phone to preserve dial pad in the foreground during an incoming call while in the transfer state

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • d684cc4d281cd2c7bce94993ef4ec109 1_12_4_D80_firmware.eff


March 5, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • Add new option for multicast listener interrupt_callers parameter to allow phone to ignore listener if phone is engaged in an in-process call

    • Allow long-press of 0 to affect a + for first character dialed

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • e807e67713e1ee82e913a516b2ab162e 1_12_3_D80_firmware.eff


March 4, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

    • None

  • New Features:

    • Add new option for multicast listener interrupt_callers parameter to allow phone to ignore listener if phone is engaged in an in-process call

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 9dc1cfe47dbd3d20a504f5c6be20c000 2_9_5_D40_firmware.eff

  • a3346d1d5c1cc419080afd282b5bb03b 2_9_5_D45_firmware.eff

  • 5a4d44666b19545c519d8d9605c714db 2_9_5_D50_firmware.eff

  • c72455028dbcbdf8f48bc42655a84c5e 2_9_5_D60_firmware.eff

  • e3e9e105123da370fb186d15b8f3c249 2_9_5_D62_firmware.eff

  • 06b2a1c0c309bd9444c1a68e1207e7db 2_9_5_D65_firmware.eff

  • 2e1793d14d2ef550836cc9f7a4d1b83d 2_9_5_D70_firmware.eff


February 7, 2020

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct erroneous behavior with long-running incoming SRTP-enabled calls

    • Correct an issue that caused SRTP-enabled calls to become increasingly likely to present white-noise following re-INVITEs beyond 10-minutes

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Disable PC Port VLAN support on a D65 if an EXP150 module is attached

    • Automatically adjust RTP port ranges on a D65 if an EXP150 module is attached to prevent possible overlapping of UDP ports 10024, 10025, and 10026, which are blocked at the WAN port for inbound traffic due to the EXP150 module's architecture.

    • Forcibly disable ICE support on D6x models to prevent misuse of ICE enabling configuration parameters that are presently functional on the D80.

    • Update to new public CA bundle (January 1, 2020)

MD5 Sums
  • 73be0022139b7bedf13c99ab9a0f99f9 2_9_4_D40_firmware.eff

  • e08e7fdc87197acce339bacc804ebf1e 2_9_4_D45_firmware.eff

  • 9a83a9edebc05e7c1c2aa144f46d836c 2_9_4_D50_firmware.eff

  • 48c669eeced3851feacf21cd498c54f2 2_9_4_D60_firmware.eff

  • ceba8faec925d61561d73219b2f0bd4a 2_9_4_D62_firmware.eff

  • 8e31f8ed1d8222ce5fcb3d344ce72187 2_9_4_D65_firmware.eff

  • 40d3d629e03747f272cb31d2db9fa2b2 2_9_4_D70_firmware.eff


November 19, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct error handling multiple multicast streams simultaneously

    • Correct omission of some translation strings from languages other than EN and RU

    • Correct error displaying text input box for password in web config

  • New Features:

    • Add support for disabled tag on logout application

    • Add setting (tls_allow_wildcard_certs) to allow acceptance of wildcard TLS certificates for SIP signaling

  • Improvements:

    • Remove mitigations for SIP Core TLS signaling socket overload and replace with final fix

    • Update to new public CA bundle (October 16, 2019)

MD5 Sums
  • 9b0cf1a95bb8c1abac8ad23fb42fdce3 2_9_2_D40_firmware.eff

  • 5ca06044f26936ef9f3e56e10b5e8f60 2_9_2_D45_firmware.eff

  • 239b6cbff16bed8a823761c535ebda54 2_9_2_D50_firmware.eff

  • b9ec48892e1847323384c8a7673d8457 2_9_2_D60_firmware.eff

  • 2c97ddb6a742f4a07834d5e66375564d 2_9_2_D62_firmware.eff

  • 5da03bdd403d84f8e4e8a1034fd966fa 2_9_2_D65_firmware.eff

  • 1584b630c79c5d6c48b6598f998bcb0a 2_9_2_D70_firmware.eff


November 19, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct improper application of pbx_credentials for account slot 0.

    • Correct improper application of server matching between host_primary server and use_proxy_for host for parking application.

    • Correct error handling multiple multicast streams simultaneously

  • New Features:

    • Add setting (tls_allow_wildcard_certs) to allow acceptance of wildcard TLS certificates for SIP signaling

    • Add support for ICE and STUN using enable_ice and stunaddr settings.

  • Improvements:

    • Update to new public CA bundle (October 16, 2019)

    • Remove mitigations for SIP Core TLS signaling socket overload and replace with final fix

MD5 Sums
  • 5c4dfcf582471966d69ec6bdd3e6f6e3 1_12_1_D80_firmware.eff


November 11, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct minor German language translation errors

    • Correct occasional failure to preserve foreground state of Favorites screen

    • Correct duplicate User-Agent header in 200 OK response to INVITE

    • Correct failure to properly address some BT headsets for certain units

  • New Features:

    • Add support for SIP signaling over TLS

    • Add support for SDES media encryption

    • Allow 802.1X configuration of all methods, except EAP-TLS, from bootconfig via new network option

  • Improvements:

    • Update logic for processing config_server_url changes

    • Update SIP core to new version

    • Update to new public CA bundle

MD5 Sums
  • b81057a0083ac6594ca3055912894778 1_12_0_D80_firmware.eff


Users using TLS signaling against SIP servers must be aware that upgrading to this version will, unless their server utilizes a publicly-signed certificate, break their TLS connection to the SIP server. Users who need to connect to self-signed servers must load the server's self-signed, custom root certificate into the phone using the phone's <cert> config handler.



November 11, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct occasional failure to hold-off reboot events triggered by a configuration update while on-call

    • Correct duplicate User-Agent header in 200 OK response to INVITE

  • New Features:

    • Add page_indicators expansion module attribute to control paging indicators, disabled by default, model D65 only

    • Allow 802.1X configuration of all methods, except EAP-TLS, from bootconfig via new network option

    • Verify TLS SIP servers by default; allow_insecure_ssl setting will restore older, non-verified behavior

    • Add support for improved sidecar

  • Improvements:

    • Update in-product images to Sangoma branding

    • Move Settings button in Bootconfig's No Multicast Servers screen from the second to the third soft key to improve testing automation

    • Update SIP core to new version

    • Update to new public CA bundle

    • Update logic for processing config_server_url changes

MD5 Sums
  • 2c48c7affd390fd4681efea1167e6d6f 2_9_1_D40_firmware.eff

  • 57b6e70bf05f5649e5695c8845f8c13c 2_9_1_D45_firmware.eff

  • c780b087ec9e4abf838b65b0c796defc 2_9_1_D50_firmware.eff

  • 57fd4e48ad872c06088b98d817da7d01 2_9_1_D60_firmware.eff

  • 0c03a8147114d8519857d7b3c4ed991d 2_9_1_D62_firmware.eff

  • 6517e71b49966cde8609adc3bb33ce67 2_9_1_D65_firmware.eff

  • 58b0677f1a3c0f02686082a7a8e041d8 2_9_1_D70_firmware.eff


Users using TLS signaling against SIP servers must be aware that upgrading to this version will, unless their server utilizes a publicly-signed certificate, break their TLS connection to the SIP server. Users who need to connect to self-signed servers must load the server's self-signed, custom root certificate into the phone using the phone's <cert> config handler.



August 20, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to properly fall-through on a transfer to a non-existent number

    • Correct improper formatting of Accept header on outbound INVITEs

    • Correct failure to ensure DPMA session is disconnected on logout

    • Mitigate TCP SACK vulnerability

    • Correct improper hangup of un-answered incoming call when hanging up existing call using handset

    • Correct timing related failure to blind transfer unanswered incoming call via Contacts app

    • Correct occasional overlap of voicemail playback with incoming ringtone

    • Correct failure to show call card on Switchboard initiated conference join

    • Correct occasional issue with out-of-order missed call notifications

    • Correct error causing logout enabled and logged out phone to return to previous account after reboot

    • Correct configuration-specific error in validating login password

    • Correct failure to return a logged out phone to the login screen after power loss

  • New Features:

    • Support playback of multicast audio streams

    • Support compact SIP headers

    • Support conference state parameter for non-admin users

  • Improvements:

    • Improve display of certain French language timestamps in missed call notifications

    • Update logoff and login language to reflect phone's unconfigured state

    • Move outbound proxy setting from account parameter to new account child element outbound_proxy

MD5 Sums
  • 57905717c3a0b1f02dbb38ccb884c2d1 1_11_3_D80_firmware.eff


The addition of the new outbound_proxy child element to the account tag provides backwards compatibility, for now, by preferring the account parameter-defined configuration first. In the future, this backwards compatibility will be removed. Please plan accordingly.


August 7, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Handle LogOut situations where Switchvox is configured for admin PIN instead of user PIN

MD5 Sums
  • 34bd7245b4b1e4eb0775ce41d1c6a6ee 2_8_6_D40_firmware.eff

  • 08833942861c6905113c8058fc90664f 2_8_6_D45_firmware.eff

  • 39dda6aaa4ecd39a44d1ffde3b01f848 2_8_6_D50_firmware.eff

  • b3beec2f092cfa217a3e04dff860327d 2_8_6_D60_firmware.eff

  • f22d736acbe4640ce1ea47670b77da49 2_8_6_D62_firmware.eff

  • 09b90609bce2b03b72d551f29762f4c7 2_8_6_D65_firmware.eff

  • 3941f2f2be6f9bc3a7927d61e800595e 2_8_6_D70_firmware.eff


July 19, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to properly display record icon and amber light during voicemail recording if phone is additional phone

    • Correct failure to properly parse embedded username in Option 66 string

    • Mitigate TCP SACK vulnerability

    • Correct failure to properly validate outbound proxy address against incoming calls

  • New Features:

    • Support compact SIP headers

  • Improvements:

    • Move outbound proxy setting from account parameter to new account child element outbound_proxy

    • Update logoff and login language to reflect phone's unconfigured state

MD5 Sums
  • 7446aaef8bb1cfce0cd3a55f5bb65c51 2_8_5_D40_firmware.eff

  • 4afe93f95c82645ac80ea102fd84ecea 2_8_5_D45_firmware.eff

  • 662254f93cdf0325eeafcf898c4354f4 2_8_5_D50_firmware.eff

  • c62f0cff7cc4eeab258be3ab98b7972c 2_8_5_D60_firmware.eff

  • b94bfb9f0680dab4e883f2c646b35c43 2_8_5_D62_firmware.eff

  • dba01029aa178c9a0c5dd9c3999a0b2c 2_8_5_D65_firmware.eff

  • 9a83d93d988271fdee7748fc78e012b0 2_8_5_D70_firmware.eff


The addition of the new outbound_proxy child element to the account tag provides backwards compatibility, for now, by preferring the account parameter-defined configuration first. In the future, this backwards compatibility will be removed. Please plan accordingly.



June 4, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct occasional SIP transaction issue causing core crash

    • Correct failure to display port setting in config server dialog if server was manually defined to include sip:proxy

    • Correct failure to rebind SIP core to new DNS server during DHCP release if IP address remained the same

    • Correct occasional reboot after on-call config update requiring VLAN method change

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 267676a26a9a46de02c3106c989dcfb9 2_8_2_D40_firmware.eff

  • ccabf37973bfef20c1fe511bff8814a1 2_8_2_D45_firmware.eff

  • d0faf176842c18f4e2cd030ef1196480 2_8_2_D50_firmware.eff

  • fd59d10c7c7ae3c33e70205c5f659e76 2_8_2_D60_firmware.eff

  • be60786fb46bdfe188a5c3edaad66dfb 2_8_2_D62_firmware.eff

  • cbf92505f0323875db3c9fe7ed0eadb6 2_8_2_D65_firmware.eff

  • a82b1e84277d0c023b628837ee0a2939 2_8_2_D70_firmware.eff


May 13, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure to update call banner connected line information in certain scenarios

    • Correct improper labeling of transfer modal cancel button

    • Correct issue presenting ringing tone instead of call waiting tone during certain multi-call scenarios

    • Correct failure to honor outbound proxy settings

    • Correct failure to properly parse empty string account settings

  • New Features:

    • Support dynamic contact photos

    • Support alternate host definition

    • Provide software interface for driving new LCD

  • Improvements:

    • Improve drop menu background in conference app room selector

MD5 Sums
  • b43fa52392de93cfcda58709e522f0c4 1_10_0_D80_firmware.eff


April 25, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Properly update end of conference button strings for English language

    • Correct erroneous behavior that required phone restart to apply updated ringtone indications

    • Correct erroneous treatment of angle brackets in Alert-Info headers

    • Mitigate a condition that causes blank entries to appear in the conference participant list

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 18a0e46176bebb7f4ce8e7bd148cac2c 1_9_7_D80_firmware.eff


April 18, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct error with PLAR on non-primary lines

    • Prevent dropping of first call on receipt of 603 for second call

  • New Features:

    • Allow long-press of 0 to affect a + for first character dialed

  • Improvements:

    • Improve several German translations

MD5 Sums
  • f48900179d2501cd20cba7c0abb14af5 2_8_0_D40_firmware.eff

  • 9f83430646773ffa415aa41da06a565b 2_8_0_D45_firmware.eff

  • 7e372ccb3de41b908efe199ddccc19fa 2_8_0_D50_firmware.eff

  • c604f95bb81fd283a014e4441d3bd575 2_8_0_D60_firmware.eff

  • ad7452abac628ed2e404a53c64dc9474 2_8_0_D62_firmware.eff

  • 11eacf1f331fee6ca808143cae37d0f9 2_8_0_D65_firmware.eff

  • 1a94108e9599650c2f229d20bad5cacb 2_8_0_D70_firmware.eff


April 8, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue presenting proper outbound proxy signaling prefix for TCP and TLS transports

  • New Features:

    • Support EXP100 sidecar on D65 model telephones

    • Support dynamic call card photos for incoming and outgoing calls

  • Improvements:

    • Allow capable BT headsets to announce incoming caller number

MD5 Sums
  • 68ebed7cbb004b7318130d159803be09 2_8_0_D40_firmware.eff

  • e54af5b84f0c70a89f0417fa8f579bcf 2_8_0_D45_firmware.eff

  • f527cbca5090ca8aa06d1e964b83a525 2_8_0_D50_firmware.eff

  • d0b14cc72d667b09fb8ab5495bd28343 2_8_0_D60_firmware.eff

  • 10f6ecc83f14d4807b7f7a414f147952 2_8_0_D62_firmware.eff

  • 6c653ba221cb77a1b4098d96982f4809 2_8_0_D65_firmware.eff

  • 0db23915f3599192f0e318082d0ffd01 2_8_0_D70_firmware.eff


March 25, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct transfer behavior to respond properly to Accepted in absence of Trying

    • Correct erroneous treatment of angle brackets in Alert-Info headers

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • d0667de2201869a332172c409884d57c 2_7_4_D40_firmware.eff

  • d9632db572559942f380b665b0dca816 2_7_4_D45_firmware.eff

  • d68eac93ab8fb8c8dd0de4c46991f766 2_7_4_D50_firmware.eff

  • 10055abb1c3d2e9bef0cc0d10567d25e 2_7_4_D60_firmware.eff

  • f08978414f7dd0cb7462c4784a5d6585 2_7_4_D62_firmware.eff

  • 42fe4b20b80c3cd0e2b23205f699a191 2_7_4_D65_firmware.eff

  • ba0f8a2a2eb38f0db39f9613186dccf5 2_7_4_D70_firmware.eff


March 6, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct regression in 2_7_2 that caused parking notifications not to display

    • Correct presence subscription update error when changing networks

    • Correct failure to fetch server call logs if phone credentials include special characters

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Properly account for failover mode inside the call log app if server-side call logs are being used

MD5 Sums
  • b4988d402666f8432cb7769a42465c58 2_7_3_D40_firmware.eff

  • 7462b50f4f10d01a8ac42724fdeedc05 2_7_3_D45_firmware.eff

  • 044b907c5f500433a5ee21ba39a54ea5 2_7_3_D50_firmware.eff

  • 866d36b1add99b737f9dfecd3970a3de 2_7_3_D60_firmware.eff

  • d323e2249d75bc37bbce764a28ee570a 2_7_3_D62_firmware.eff

  • 01be97de26acb0b0937cfc9ca40c711c 2_7_3_D65_firmware.eff

  • 2f7c208cb6dcb94afd84f630dfc552bb 2_7_3_D70_firmware.eff


March 5, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue that caused UI crash when external users joined conferences

    • Correct failure of additional / secondary phones to log into the conference app

    • Correct call transfer button state for existing calls

    • Ensure that loss of a primary account affects a LogOut on a LogOut-enabled phone

    • Ensure dream mode is activated when a phone is forcibly logged out

    • Properly update config_server_url as directed by fetched config

    • Properly handle phone reconfigure when LogOut is enabled and a token is invalidated

    • Correct failure of phone to perform tech support VPN connection

    • Prevent erroneous busy tone following blond transfer on busy server

    • Correct issue that could cause unit to become stuck during boot or reboot cycle

    • Correct issue that caused OpenVPN connection to timeout

    • Correct issue that caused Dream Mode to not turn on when phone was logged out

    • Correct issue that displayed pickup cards for the local phone user

    • Correct issue that displayed pickup cards for dialed targets

    • Correct various issues with ringtone indications

    • Properly support Unavailable presence type for Contacts and Favorites

    • Correct error with German translation for "Record"

    • Address minor call log issue when multiple accounts are in use

  • New Features:

    • Add LogOut application

    • Support 802.1X authentication

    • Support wideband Bluetooth audio

    • Allow selection of TCP  transport types for config servers and utilize TCP as a transport type for SIP hosts

    • Provide OpenVPN support

    • Add support for account children use_call_log_api and call_log_fetch_entries for using the Switchvox call log API to populate the Call Log app

    • Implement the Conference management application

  • Improvements:

    • Improve the language used for ending a conference

    • Improve drop shadow on conferences icon

    • Add additional logic to further prevent boot looping

    • Improve responsiveness of factory reset gesture

    • Prevent phones with newer touch panels from erroneously downgrading firmware

    • Store current local time on reboot

    • Update conference app layout

    • Support additional touch controller

    • Improve layout of tech support card

MD5 Sums
  • de69783afabc2b4ecb1fc14c100d03a6 1_9_5_D80_firmware.eff


January 4, 2019

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct error updating Caller ID on a transferred leg of a conference call

    • Correct minor SIP transport error

    • Prevent call hangup during certain transfer scenarios

    • Correct call_log_api API credentials error when acting as an additional phone

    • Handle improbably long User-Agent strings

  • New Features:

    • Add app redirection support for Endpoint Manager

    • Allow Contacts app to foreground into a group as specified by the app setting preferred_contact_group

  • Improvements:

    • Default call_log_fetch_entries to 50, instead of 0

    • Improve some German strings and translations

    • Improve LogOut behavior when extension is stolen

    • Add Call Log Loading message if using Call Log API

    • Reduce unnecessary logging

    • Reduce voicemail API messaging traffic when message count is zero

    • Improve logging of SIP events so that they can be retrieved via syslog

    • Improve BT support for Sennheiser headsets

    • Status application refreshes presence list when foregrounded

    • Prevent unnecessary voicemail refreshes

MD5 Sums
  • a823a7dc5ccc37813eee4cbc609919c4 2_7_2_D40_firmware.eff

  • 7855de19d5cc4bce663cb6b0446cc1bc 2_7_2_D45_firmware.eff

  • 216d2c959484794492be79104f83d199 2_7_2_D50_firmware.eff

  • fbb69c98e11eb4e2519172ba9eef028e 2_7_2_D60_firmware.eff

  • e46572bdd3924263b721bc37a1708f03 2_7_2_D62_firmware.eff

  • c4d26969b4f31dd72b0f3487cf388e3d 2_7_2_D65_firmware.eff

  • 233a196d986d0a5e1292cb5e5601f46a 2_7_2_D70_firmware.eff


December 10, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue that could cause unit to become stuck during boot or reboot cycle

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 44abb64a2b79bb4dcf275862278ae127 1_8_16_1_D80_firmware.eff


December 10, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue that could cause unit to become stuck during boot or reboot cycle

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 41debc4d51759a5fb759a9fd21b7c213 1_8_13_2_D80_firmware.eff


November 5, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct transfer hangup issue occurring during certain multi-call scenarios

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • fed5570fcce4607cef3fc407e187c703 2_6_8_D40_firmware.eff

  • f770efcb7ff0e9385c064761a4f54702 2_6_8_D45_firmware.eff

  • 6c175a64738fa1e22d214b83b4a3107f 2_6_8_D50_firmware.eff

  • 72a91a724999391329aab711990dbec5 2_6_8_D60_firmware.eff

  • b21568e789511d3a4846705a27bc08ea 2_6_8_D62_firmware.eff

  • 3bbdca6b0033519b191be380144068b4 2_6_8_D65_firmware.eff

  • b545c8702e0b17fb8d067132ab724349 2_6_8_D70_firmware.eff

1_8_16 (RESCINDED on Dec 6, 2018)

October 30, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct UI issue that prevented setting of manual VLAN or static IP addresses

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 75290c7bda85dc9754f7b5288a035396 1_8_16_D80_firmware.eff


Note that phones loaded with this release will not downgrade to firmwares prior to 1_8_16.


1_8_13 (RESCINDED on Dec 6, 2018)

October 3, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct occasional issue with stuck state resulting in failure to make API requests

    • Correct occasional failure to process a firmware download request

    • Correct occasional issue with black screen

    • Correct occasional error with favorites showing a blank list

    • Correct occasional error where phone returns to bootconfig following a config update

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Generate contacts picture relative URLs as HTTP

    • Gracefully handle situations where firmware can't be retrieved or retrieved firmware is invalid

    • Revert changes that prevented speaker and headset buttons from putting phone on-hook

    • Improve BT audio when input levels are high

    • Improve watchdog behavior

MD5 Sums
  • 4b92e6d2eff986d9f50c96915256c1ef 1_8_13_D80_firmware.eff


August 29, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • None

  • New Features:

    • 802.1X root CA is now built on the combination of the phone's baked-in root CA as well as any in-line config added certs.  8021x_root_cert parameter is no longer available, all models.

    • 802.1X client cert and client key are now controlled by 8021x_client_cert and new 8021x_client_key settings that point to values derived from new in-line config added clientcert and clientkey.  8021x_client_cert no longer utilizes url option, all models.

    • Phones now, on boot, to handle situations requiring SSL validation in an environment with no Internet access, prefer NTP servers as provided by DHCP Option 42.  This behavior is controlled by the ntp_prefer_option42 setting, all models.

    • Add new OpenVPN configuration handler openvpn_inline_config with enhanced update behavior.  Older OpenVPN configuration handlers are deprecated and will be removed in a future firmware release, D6x models.

    • Add new local webpage to add and enable OpenVPN client, accessible at http://[ip of phone/vpn, D6x models.

  • Improvements:

    • Enable 802.1X SSL security by default, controlled by allow_insecure_ssl phone setting, all models.

    • For non-Switchvox or DPMA environments, where the config server is not available on-boot, cause the phone to perform 4 auto-retries, separated by 30 seconds, to contact the server, after which the phone use a previously-stored local configuration.  If no local configuration is available, but the phone was still directed to a configuration server by an external means, e.g. DHCP Option 66, the phone will restart after the 4th failed retry, all models.

MD5 Sums
  • 8243e460b2643baea6641282e1abe7e6 2_7_0_D40_firmware.eff

  • 9f69bd39d7572b4ce89c4d4b3c79b10a 2_7_0_D45_firmware.eff

  • f6f106be0263992c24d8e05c8f4f8f52 2_7_0_D50_firmware.eff

  • 9a61aa1d89fded6c530e6dd672f47ec9 2_7_0_D60_firmware.eff

  • 8d98a314d514347e2dcab3d0a819f5e5 2_7_0_D62_firmware.eff

  • 77b322bc4b831e108df1ba100769583d 2_7_0_D65_firmware.eff

  • b33d736249b64192622160b98040b301 2_7_0_D70_firmware.eff


2_7_0 firmware has breaking changes pertaining to 802.1X configuration. Do NOT upgrade to 2_7_0 or newer firmware without understanding these changes and their consequences on your installation. Beginning with firmware 2_7_0, 802.1X SSL security is on by default. Phones will validate the server's certificate on connection by default. To disable this behavior, the phone must have the allow_insecure_ssl setting enabled.

Further, the behavior of the 8021x_client_cert parameter is different. It no longer performs a cURL to a URL. Instead, it references a client cert that is in-lined in the phone's <certs> config element children. And, a combined client cert and client is no longer assumed. A distinct client key, for 802.1X methods (EAP-TLS) that require it, must be also be provided in the config and then referenced using the 8021x_client_key parameter.

Additionally, phones now prefer NTP servers as provided by DHCP Option 42. If NTP servers are not provided by Option 42, the phone will continue to use NTP servers as baked into the firmware ( / or as provided by an external configuration source. However, if NTP is provided by Option 42, the Option 42-specified NTP servers will be preferred unless the ntp_prefer_option42 configuration element is disabled.



June 19, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue that caused phones assigned a static IP to, on some switches, bring the interface up and down repeatedly

    • Correct issue that caused phones assigned a static IP to improperly apply manually-entered DNS servers

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Allow numbers recalled into the dialpad to dial out the proper account, not just the primary account

MD5 Sums
  • 8d3b42b074e184363b5d22de9a7867e2 1_8_8_D80_firmware.eff



June 8, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct regression that prevented multicast audio from being played back in certain scenarios

  • New Features:

    • Provide new phone setting, call_control_checkx, that, when turned on, allows the confirmation key to answer a call and the x-key to reject a call.  Defaults to off.

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 864e14cc418495bfc37ceddf7f5c248c 2_6_6_D40_firmware.eff

  • 37d0188df33291d420e2192a6d1fab1c 2_6_6_D45_firmware.eff

  • 2d5dae6280519faac2971e13eaae0d30 2_6_6_D50_firmware.eff

  • 817677a9990ea0ade064339662287b05 2_6_6_D60_firmware.eff

  • 75352f0c6e957bf1f646709683fd3f15 2_6_6_D62_firmware.eff

  • a373ec3a80c09c27638920bc1be666a2 2_6_6_D65_firmware.eff

  • 0994db51685ca2ba4dde42e4fa26c41f 2_6_6_D70_firmware.eff


May 9, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with multicast playback on non-D6x models

    • Correct failure to properly disable the Record soft key for non-primary accounts

    • Correct regression that incorrectly utilized STUN lookups

  • New Features:

    • Support alternate credentials for host_alternate registration

    • Allow definition of an extension for a multicast listener, thereby directing the phone to ignore listeners when the number is called by the phone, all models

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 9550b3f1da7142895333d752592b59f0 2_6_5_D40_firmware.eff

  • 2fa7915c0a1c8195793b6d141f8199a2 2_6_5_D45_firmware.eff

  • 64272fcec14cf5ce550dd53eecb30eb0 2_6_5_D50_firmware.eff

  • fb904896d9f861038873ebb9a157d1ce 2_6_5_D60_firmware.eff

  • d05d697e6d5ef3d246698493de6e3069 2_6_5_D62_firmware.eff

  • 0cb70257d3fc9a53ca2a10267ddb7150 2_6_5_D65_firmware.eff

  • 89c5c0e44daf3a869e2ff4ad52157161 2_6_5_D70_firmware.eff



April 12, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with returning to configuration screen in certain cases

    • Correct issue inheriting default BLF items indications behaviors

    • Correct issue displaying peered Switchvox caller ID prefixes within the voicemail application

    • Correct issue playing back indications tones for BLF items

  • New Features:

    • Add support for pickup_action by way of Call Pickup activity cards

    • Add new UI preference to control display of pickup notifications

  • Improvements:

    • Improve dynamic update behavior of BLF Items within the UI

    • Mute BLF indications if the phone is in DND status

MD5 Sums
  • 0e25e90dd6553960b92a6c1f23c28983 1_8_1_D80_firmware.eff



April 4, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue properly updating contacts when a new contacts file is received, regression introduced in 2_5_0

    • Correct issue operating in dynamic IPv6 environments without an IPv4 DHCP server

    • Correct issue, in scenarios involving Option66-derived config servers, making API requests without considering the proxy URL, all models

    • Correct issues noted by AST-2018-002 and AST-2018-003, all models

    • Correct display of secondary DNS when IPv6 is enabled and preferred, D6x models

    • Correct additional issues when playing back ringing tones on watched BLF keys, all models

  • New Features:

    • Add support for account children use_call_log_api and call_log_fetch_entries for using the Switchvox call log API to populate the Call Log app

    • Add translation keys for Pickup action, all models

    • Mute BLF indication ringing tones if phone is in DND status, all models

    • Expand indications to support manipulation of background and foreground label color, D6x models

    • Add Quick Logoff app - currently not exposed, D6x only

    • Add Beta support for IPv6, D6x only

    • Remove Call Recording key from non-primary accounts, all models

    • Support Switchvox 6.7.1 contacts.add method, all models

  • Improvements:

    • Allow entry of IPv6 server addresses, not just hostnames, in the Boot Menu server screens.

    • Change logoff app to LogOut to match other product terminology, D6x models

    • Update to March 7th, 2018 CA bundle, all models

    • Allow BLF Items and Contacts files to support md5 parameter for reload checking, all models

MD5 Sums
  • 06f8e9d42c3068aca34b90fe66fec37f 2_6_1_D40_firmware.eff

  • d3b758790cfab7389ee206101b1c9172 2_6_1_D45_firmware.eff

  • 4a5354e05e164dbe19bf79a0e6cdf05c 2_6_1_D50_firmware.eff

  • b4671ea66a390581f39cd72c3faf2400 2_6_1_D60_firmware.eff

  • 8c0db8b5e137b952082eb4cd63346273 2_6_1_D62_firmware.eff

  • c5d4115051dbe9498f77c3af611adee2 2_6_1_D65_firmware.eff

  • a286c3b88a3e65d24677f16bb3ca6b53 2_6_1_D70_firmware.eff


March 16, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct synchronization issue between Activity Stream missed call notifications and line drawer missed call notifications

    • Correct synchronization issue between Switchboard Call Recording button and call card Call Recording button

    • Correct error processing visual voicemail server address in certain cases

    • Prevent call drop when adding or removing accounts

    • Correct issue with contacts disappearing after account changes

    • Correct failure to remove lines as directed by server

    • Prevent UI restart when adding or removing accounts

    • Correct memory loss when adding or removing accounts

  • New Features:

    • Allow manual VLAN assignment from boot menu

    • Allow static IP address assignment from boot menu

    • Disable the record button for non-primary accounts

  • Improvements:

    • Prevent re-touch of toolbar headset or speakerphone targets from hanging up an in-progress call

    • Periodically refresh Parking lot app when in the foreground

    • Auto-dismiss parking lot notifications after 10 seconds

    • Better set notifications and counts when removing accounts

    • Return missed calls and voicemail from the proper account

    • Remove call logs for an account that's removed from the phone

    • Correct errors in multi-line card layouts

    • When missed calls are disabled, do not display missed call badges in line indicator

MD5 Sums
  • cf6bac5a97092d6e08a49b468a6fae47 1_7_1_D80_firmware.eff


February 20, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with audio presented via both loudspeaker and handset when handset is engaged

    • Correct issue when queued to playback multiple ringing tones via multiple rapid dial smart BLF indicators

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Restore add-contact functionality for non-SWVX environments where use_local_storage is true

    • Reduce footprint of EHS logging

    • Update cert generation

MD5 Sums
  • 51bbec1ad17ae8dfe3909fa2c06a24a2 2_4_2_D40_firmware.eff

  • c90358610da26330078840fea136e70b 2_4_2_D45_firmware.eff

  • 3ba58621a19bc5f0d07706fb51d54601 2_4_2_D50_firmware.eff

  • 3fec4f845a6dfcbbdfebc6405649f420 2_4_2_D60_firmware.eff

  • 0c5fe084450d30653ff022c15719f573 2_4_2_D62_firmware.eff

  • 87e8c5ecf99a420e3fac521432a5a91e 2_4_2_D65_firmware.eff

  • ccc78da5aa0551ec87adec8c206a4fce 2_4_2_D70_firmware.eff


February 5, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct failure, in certain scenarios, to auto-retry connections to the proxy, in the event that the initial try failed, all models

    • Correct occasional failure to properly bring up VLAN interface when manual VLAN assignment is enabled, D6x models

    • Correct occasional failure to process restart command, D6x models

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Remove support for anonymous ciphers

    • Do not generate DESI strip PDF for non-D50 models

    • Update MWI LED behavior to assist in debugging.  MWI LED will now turn red when reboot is called, off when reboot happens, green when kernel loads, amber when startup scripts are processing, and off when the startup scripts are complete and the phone application is launching, D6x models

    • Add comma delimiter to Contacts Info page when last name precedes first name, D6x models

    • If firmware fetch fails, because server doesn't respond or because URL is invalid, try 4 more times, every 30 seconds, and then restart and request an updated config, all models

MD5 Sums
  • 800982ecf95eb3c6888bcc4e3ad1f504 2_4_1_D40_firmware.eff

  • 27c05831beaeaa383e0ebb203fb764d5 2_4_1_D45_firmware.eff

  • 891117ef454cad9b90e5cda6ae4db006 2_4_1_D50_firmware.eff

  • e4041679023ceec35c6dce61d9c2c21f 2_4_1_D60_firmware.eff

  • 16f58fbf7917d0ec4bd50cf691f6eafb 2_4_1_D62_firmware.eff

  • 8e626a6da843ff50fa904c60750f5886 2_4_1_D65_firmware.eff

  • 80998ef7fdd1aab3c085358a3c14a45e 2_4_1_D70_firmware.eff


January 10, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Prevent non-D6x models from parsing undocumented TLS signaling parameter and ending up in a boot loop

    • Correct Caller ID lookup error

  • New Features:

    • Support Switchvox 6.7 Call Recording API change

  • Improvements:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • c6a357acf3364c890d77edd9f723a492 2_3_8_D40_firmware.eff

  • d09ab777670f1af2d297617bced45d8c 2_3_8_D45_firmware.eff

  • ca7a47b5a5820ecbaa67b3b1873bc782 2_3_8_D50_firmware.eff

  • 12c88a378dd03b843b506c722f41a560 2_3_8_D60_firmware.eff

  • 5c3802125cfa326d148c8aa05662a62e 2_3_8_D62_firmware.eff

  • 61b15222dfce5fe1127804dc22379d04 2_3_8_D65_firmware.eff

  • 23afa0d0da26826982b13a81eb902c57 2_3_8_D70_firmware.eff


January 2, 2018

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Address issue with phone reboots following "-98" SSL messages from server

    • Correct issues with phone LLDP assignment and PC port VLAN assignment

    • Correct issue preventing ringing tone from playing out loudspeaker

    • Correct issue with BT microphone gain

    • Correct issue ignoring pairing from forgotten device

    • Prevent phone from making unnecessary proxy requests

    • Close favorites drawer on line selection

    • Properly handle adding and removing of lines

    • Correct call card alignment in single-line mode

    • Correct display of unavailable status icon in status bar

  • New Features:

    • Add support for multi-line operation

    • Display any waiting voicemails on system start

    • Add line label to status bar

  • Improvements:

    • To improve performance, allow phone to verify MD5 of fetched config before fetching a new config

    • Allow tagged packets received on the PC port, that are not being tagged by the phone, to traverse

    • Prevent LLDP packets received across the Network port from being forwarded to the PC port

    • Add additional logging to phone debug

MD5 Sums
  • a298a6f2cc49e0fc151dcf7c4220b6d5 1_6_2_D80_firmware.eff


December 20, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Address issues with phone restarts following certain bad SSL messages from DPMA

    • Address issue with phone remaining stuck on boot step 4 when receiving continuous ARP responses for in-use DHCP-provided addresses

    • Address issue with too many DHCP failures resulting in phone restart

    • Address startup issues with delayed NTP response

    • Address erroneous tech support enabled message in phone's admin menu

    • Address issue playing multicast audio when phone ringing tone volume is manipulated

    • Address D65 issue playing voicemail out headset port when headset_preferred BT devices are disconnected

  • New Features:

    • Allow gratuitous ARP, performed following DHCP assignment in order to determine if address is already in-use, to be disabled using new network_disable_arping phone setting, off by default

  • Improvements:

    • Improve boot time when drawing phone screen

    • Update translation strings in Contacts app

MD5 Sums
  • e2fa53d0e8565ff9d7503a443baef994 2_3_7_D40_firmware.eff

  • e871d8ab74aaaeb22d87ae172bfd0d27 2_3_7_D45_firmware.eff

  • cecc4d7f16d103f969a3f55cd1f7c67a 2_3_7_D50_firmware.eff

  • 0aad8b743db20d091867727cb3001dc5 2_3_7_D60_firmware.eff

  • e1e86a23da6eaadd96b8a144466b45a1 2_3_7_D62_firmware.eff

  • 0823e79c18560e027ae1809fbdd72970 2_3_7_D65_firmware.eff

  • c14a48aab196eeb9b2bf7cf1c8153efd 2_3_7_D70_firmware.eff


October 10, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with call drops following quick exiting of the Call Parking notification screen and highlighting of another call handle in Asterisk environments, all models

  • New Features:

    • Add check-sync-reconfig event handler to allow reloading of config without restarting app suite, all models

    • Implement digest/basic user:pass support for all cURL requests, not just OpenVPN requests, all models

    • Enable SSL host verification by default, can be disabled using the allow_insecure_ssl setting, all models

    • Allow server-specific certs to be in-lined in the phone's configuration

  • Improvements:

    • Update SSL CA bundle, all models

    • Improve consistency of user-agent strings; cURL strings now are "Model Version (MAC)" as are SIP strings



If upgrading to this firmware, note that SSL validation is ON by default for ALL cURL requests. If phone is expected to connect to a server using a privately-signed certificate, allow_insecure_ssl setting MUST be enabled before the connection will succeed, or the phone's configuration must have been loaded with the server's cert using the <certs><cert></cert></certs> configuration element. This setting can also be controlled via the phone's config as well as via a boot menu option on the phone itself.


MD5 Sums
  • c4a1865a711b73f68223da90b74c361a 2_3_4_D40_firmware.eff

  • 05e69fca7ec7509e0549fda62206549e 2_3_4_D45_firmware.eff

  • 254e6bfbbf242a7dae125a3f5eeccac0 2_3_4_D50_firmware.eff

  • d5cda689d75e01d9f9cd324e966695e4 2_3_4_D60_firmware.eff

  • f04286e265fb7395bc61a4299dc6706b 2_3_4_D62_firmware.eff

  • 3b2fd3fc358bbb6e1032d8904e69f12d 2_3_4_D65_firmware.eff

  • 6a2e4c2c14835175ae68f5c286d92960 2_3_4_D70_firmware.eff


October 10, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with BT display when turning functionality off and on quickly

    • Correct issue with improperly reporting BT connection status

  • New Features:

    • Enable SSL host verification by default, can be disabled using the allow_insecure_ssl setting and from the phone's Boot Menu

    • Allow server-specific certs to be in-lined in the phone's configuration

  • Improvements:

    • Allow touch of BT icon in status bar to dismiss BT menu, similar to other status bar icons

    • Allow relative URLs in the contacts picture definitions


If upgrading to this firmware, note that SSL validation is ON by default for ALL cURL requests. If phone is expected to connect to a server using a privately-signed certificate, allow_insecure_ssl setting MUST be enabled before the connection will succeed, or the phone's configuration must have been loaded with the server's cert using the <certs><cert></cert></certs> configuration element. This setting can also be controlled via the phone's config as well as via a boot menu option on the phone itself.

MD5 Sums
  • e5936b9b14112ab6a02f4ecbac132b8d 1_5_2_D80_firmware.eff


August 30, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue handling inbound calls that disconnect before they can be confirmed

    • Correct issue with locally bridged audio occurring when an outbound call has early media and an inbound call is answered

    • Correct issue with LED state matching incoming and outgoing calls in certain cases

    • Correct issue with processing phone configurations with a disabled voicemail app

    • Correct issue playing audio and sending DTMF during early media stages

    • Correct issue displaying proper call card if transferring to a contact with prefix that matches a contact without prefix

    • Correct issue with wrapping of "Call Log" header text

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Missed call card shows name and number when both are available

MD5 Sums
  • f88ed459ab0b8e44c329d8f355f95a13 1_4_6_D80_firmware.eff


July 25, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with Handshake renegotiation during DNS outages; D40, D45, D50, D70 models (D6x models already fixed)

    • Correct display of special type contact info page text, D6x models

  • New Features:

    • Add lock_ringing_volume setting, disabled by default, that, when enabled, prevents use of the phone's hard-key from manipulating the ringing volume of the phonert-Info

    • All ring_type to account so that an account can be configured for a particular type of ringing in the absence of an explicit Alert-Info

    • Add send_mac_with_useragent setting that will append phone's MAC address to any cURL User Agent strings to assist in troubleshooting

  • Improvements:

    • Restrict check-sync to registered hosts if accept_local_calls parameter is set to "host," all models

    • To improve performance, allow phone to verify MD5 of fetched config before fetching a new config

MD5 Sums
  • 563fba7ea04f896e23208d01f1242620 2_2_2_3_D40_firmware.eff

  • fc34e0015d3eeed16fea85c6c41803b2 2_2_2_3_D45_firmware.eff

  • 5d513d23a62ff389fb94b8a3ed0ab91c 2_2_2_3_D50_firmware.eff

  • e9fbe2f17fff9620a9b40494afbf2d08 2_2_2_3_D60_firmware.eff

  • 9b46e9ce85231810bd73d73e7c46f1f2 2_2_2_3_D62_firmware.eff

  • cad1240ae420f4ebe7eaedf5513da3c7 2_2_2_3_D65_firmware.eff

  • 77328c133c5896ccfbffb43115ab1a67 2_2_2_3_D70_firmware.eff


July 20, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct occasional issue with failures to SUBSCRIBE on phone startup

    • Correct issue with LLDP, whereby phone inadvertently advertised itself as both a PD and a PSE.  Phone now only advertises PD.

    • Correct issue with voicemail playback slider duration not matching actual voicemail duration

    • Correct failure to shift notification on idle screen when minimized call banner is in foreground

    • Correct issue when returning from a contact detail page to the contacts search view

  • New Features:

    • Add send_mac_with_useragent setting that, when enabled, causes phone to append MAC to its User Agent string for any cURL file requests

  • Improvements:

    • Restrict check-sync to registered hosts if accept_local_calls parameter is set to "host"

    • Update navigation menu graphics and add pressed versions of graphics

    • Better accommodate blank caller name or number in call cards, call log, and activity stream notifications

    • Convert nav menu settings items (sound, bluetooth, localization, display settings, call answer settings) from modals to full-screen apps

MD5 Sums
  • 8a861cab86729ce939ceae0f8dbdaf5d 1_4_3_D80_firmware.eff


June 30, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issues displaying proper voicemail forward targets

    • Correct issue sending SUBSCRIBEs without a user-part before main phone account is registered

    • Remove kernel version information from LLDP advertisement

    • Correct synchronization issues with toolbar keypad button

    • Correct issue with matching incoming calls to Contacts' non-primary numbers

    • Enforce Bluetooth disconnect when un-pairing

    • Correct issues with updating inbound call card Caller ID information when PAI is received

    • Correct occasional issues showing low-level Bluetooth dialogs

  • New Features:

    • Enable Power-via-MDI TLV in LLDP advertisement

  • Improvements:

    • Improve hostname advertisement in LLDP

    • Default to caller name of "Unknown" in Cal Log if received data is blank

    • Utilize Caller Name, if available, in lieu of Caller Number in Missed Call Cards

MD5 Sums
  • 1bfff8126fb81ed8291d83f13b3141bb 1_4_2_D80_firmware.eff


June 20, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with making calls on web-configured phones if host primary port is blank, all models

    • Correct issues with duplicated controls in Web UI when switching control tabs, all models

    • Correct issues with erroneously displaying side screen BLF Items when main screen items also exist, D6x models

  • New Features:

    • Re-enable Power-via-MDI TLV in LLDP advertisement, all models

    • Add protocol field for selecting TCP transport for Digium Configuration Server to phone UI, D40, D45, D50, D70 models

  • Improvements

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 1746d0ae879e7ec2646453763ade0419 2_2_2_2_D40_firmware.eff

  • 84713148f1889b968347fda7b3517a99 2_2_2_2_D45_firmware.eff

  • 159028339bd78123a90a5dd0b935f1c5 2_2_2_2_D50_firmware.eff

  • 36a998abffbf4ac5b1199423c045d125 2_2_2_2_D60_firmware.eff

  • fa9d62c8a4f2592ab25d63769ebfe547 2_2_2_2_D62_firmware.eff

  • 9eaf35be7d4dc297b29571924aa76afd 2_2_2_2_D65_firmware.eff

  • 8cc0e81100ce854e04b1a1e0120bd178 2_2_2_2_D70_firmware.eff


May 30, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with Dream Mode not operating on un-configured phones

    • Correct occasional issue with active voicemail screening notifications not being promptly removed

    • Correct issue with voicemail PIN codes lookup priority for Switchvox and DPMA systems

    • Correct issue with large numbers of contacts and subscribes causing UI restarts

    • Correct issue with transferring ringing calls to a keypad dialed number while already on a call

    • Correct layout error in parked call notifications

    • Correct issue with System Waiting dialogs

    • Correct issue with call transfer of incoming call while already on-call

    • Correct occasional timing issue with contact subscriptions on startup

    • Correct issues with contacts details presence and device state when connected to non-Switchvox DPMA systems

    • Correct issues with supporting server_uuid DPMA parameter for non-Switchvox systems

    • Correct issues with processing voicemail PIN in some non-Switchvox DPMA configurations

    • Correct failure to prompt for voicemail PIN, if enabled, when screening voicemails

    • Correct issue with showing improper list of voicemail forwarding targets

    • Correct display behavior of inactive parking app and parking button on call card

    • Correct issue with hide_options preference config value that formerly required reboot to take effect

    • Correct display behavior of inactive call log app

    • Correct display behavior of inactive voicemail app and send to vm button

    • Correct display of inactive ignore call card button

  • New Features:

    • Add support for Bluetooth headsets, controlled using new Bluetooth option in the phone's navigation drawer

    • Add support for screenshots using http://[ip of phone/cgi-bin/screen_shot using the login "admin" and the phone's login_password (defaults to "789")

    • Add support for phone reboot using http://[ip of phone]/cgi-bin/phone_restart.cgi using the login "admin" and the phone's login_password (defaults to "789")

    • Add support for loading firmware using phone's web server when server has not specified a firmware for the phone, using http://[ip of phone/firmware using the login "admin" and the phone's login_password (defaults to "789")

    • Begin first round of translation imports

    • Add support for selection of 12 or 24-hour clock type to localization menu

    • Present users with application errors within apps

    • Add support for unavailable presence type

  • Improvements:

    • Expand space for PIN entry label in voicemail card for non-English languages

    • Adjust keypad and home toolbar labels for French

    • Add translations for missing elements in main UI

    • Convert sound settings dialog to full-screen

    • Provide uniform size/style for toggle buttons in settings cards

    • Improve Bluetooth settings, Contacts, Voicemail, and Call Log layouts

    • Sort contacts by available name if first or last name is missing

    • Improve time zone selection screen

    • Numerous improvements to phone's boot up process regarding auto-start and timeouts

    • Improve spacing of toolbar icons to make mute button easier to touch

    • Clear voicemail PIN if entered erroneously

    • Clear keypad buffer when going to an active call state

    • Reduce MTU-size of packets when connecting to a remote DPMA instance using UDP transport, all models

MD5 Sums
  • b0898e439f02b8a7230900cb404a96d7 1_4_1_D80_firmware.eff


May 4, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct display of secondary DNS server within phone UI, all models

    • Address issue with improper SRTP keying during multi-call scenarios, D6x models

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements

    • Reduce MTU-size of packets when connecting to a remote DPMA instance using UDP transport, all models

MD5 Sums
  • a20081d90a71c75aacce055d3491e6e8 2_2_1_8_D40_firmware.eff

  • a96e8bdd4f0c7b57ab6ed610eb989401 2_2_1_8_D45_firmware.eff

  • dc774255b08e001d9c27488073dd3e43 2_2_1_8_D50_firmware.eff

  • 82227a961b27fc5b3097826a9fd25c35 2_2_1_8_D60_firmware.eff

  • a911916fe429c39c838215f85b9c0e4b 2_2_1_8_D62_firmware.eff

  • 76cabdca239f4cc60784a3b4352e2a1d 2_2_1_8_D65_firmware.eff

  • acfb7ed0fbaa5b7f456b996ce43b8bbc 2_2_1_8_D70_firmware.eff


April 25, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Address issue with stale call transfer handles when phone doesn't receive 180 Ringing

    • Address issues uncovered by AST-2017-002 and AST-2017-003

    • Address regression with SRTP support, D6x models

    • Correct translation errors in config server auto-retry screen, all models

    • Correct issue with dialing while off-hook and in Call Log application, all models

    • Correct several translations for various languages, all models

  • New Features:

    • Support Asterisk's Unavailable presence type, all models

    • Add a stand-alone firmware page to the web UI, accessible via http://[ip of phone]/firmware that is protected by the login_password and is only accessible when no firmwares or public_firmwares are specified in the configuration, D6x models

  • Improvements:

    • Modify behavior of host-based call rejection by allowing calls with AOR-matching To: headers to progress, all models

    • Ignore index values for BLF Items pages that list items on what should be a non-accessible side screen and display them anyway, in order, D6x models

    • Fall-back to older app authentication method when never methods are not available, D6x models

    • Increase maximum file size of wallpapers from 50K  to 80K, D6x models

MD5 Sums
  • 572f1e035e8260bf2a5399249df42c6e 2_2_1_7_D40_firmware.eff

  • de37ef181d2e65468d1f85dc4ed21dcf 2_2_1_7_D45_firmware.eff

  • f0d09ef1871e58d2625d592ef0782b2d 2_2_1_7_D50_firmware.eff

  • 8fc62e57bd961f5d48f1a36dfce696de 2_2_1_7_D60_firmware.eff

  • 8a187a3a78257fd770f259203fe75205 2_2_1_7_D62_firmware.eff

  • b10f44eafd9df306825c16f9a9eb6800 2_2_1_7_D65_firmware.eff

  • c3c72a826cf0ffe1b5add144b29ab5c0 2_2_1_7_D70_firmware.eff


April 25, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Address issues uncovered by AST-2017-002 and AST-2017-003

    • Ensure that phone returns to boot loader when it gets a config reset

    • If DCS provisioning arrives late in boot process, properly return to boot loader

    • Correct issue with audio when resuming a held three-way call

    • Correct issues with receiving phone configurations over slow links

    • Correct issue showing parking notifications for lots with more than 3 digits

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Allow UI to start without an account so that tech support dialog can be accessed

    • Allow firmware to match multiple version strings to smooth DCS deployment process

MD5 Sums
  • f155c1e905d1bb9fde468ceeed06d6c9 1_3_2_3_D80_firmware.eff


March 16, 2017

  • Issues Resolved

    • Correct restart issue when performing large numbers of un-subscribe / re-subscribe during PBX restart, all models

    • Correct startup issue when loading an extremely large number of contacts, all models

  • New Features:

    • Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR) support has been added and is controlled using the plar_number account element, D6x models.

    • Control over the Status Bar label has been added using a new idle_company_text setting, D6x models.

  • Improvements

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • c839bca7ed9d20136d37fa40be49a406 2_2_1_4_D40_firmware.eff

  • f686510c10a62e652ac98989b0c3849e 2_2_1_4_D45_firmware.eff

  • 99e6684783b69d2cc676b24182ae0a8c 2_2_1_4_D50_firmware.eff

  • 9d8f94fef19179ab257df0cc22451668 2_2_1_4_D60_firmware.eff

  • ec223498fa006749dee14bde1ce66a61 2_2_1_4_D62_firmware.eff

  • 7e0379400e4ab6d5dc2a2853fc74e31d 2_2_1_4_D65_firmware.eff

  • aedf5f471172f11458d8f8765d64c05f 2_2_1_4_D70_firmware.eff


March 13, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue accessing phone apps when SIP account password is null

    • Correct issue hiding Send to VM button on incoming call card when permission is disabled

    • Correct issue hiding Ignore button on incoming call card when permission is disabled

    • Correct issues with voicemail password in situations with certain password configurations

    • Correct issue with provisioning when DPMA userlist_auth is set to globalpin

    • Correct timing issues with displaying user presence in the Nav Menu

  • New Features:

    • Support send486 (send_dnd) call reject features for configured presence types

  • Improvements:

    • Change color setting for disabled preferences items in Nav Menu

MD5 Sums
  • 18a5235174c7ffe2b4af9221c685c5b5 1_3_2_D80_firmware.eff


March 10, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct boot issues if locale is not in the proper format

    • Correct issues with locale loss during firmware upgrade

    • Correct various issues with startup and reconfigure

    • Correct issue with favorites display during quick reconfigure process

    • Correct contact search logic for certain names

    • Correct DPMA issues transferring ringing call directly to a contact’s voicemail

    • Correct issues interpreting scroll as a touch that could result in minimizing the call cards

  • New Features:

    • Support DPMA lock_preferences setting by disguising locked preferences in Navigation Drawer

    • Support DPMA's unavailable presence option

  • Improvements:

    • Update copyright statement for current year

MD5 Sums
  • da9e50e133c0611832a4e656ba7dfb88 1_3_1_D80_firmware.eff


March 3, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue causing call bridge when multiple auto-answer calls are received before any can be fully answered, all models

    • Correct issue preventing inbound calls with unmatched To: from being evaluated based on Request line, all models

    • Correct issues with certain Bluetooth headsets taking the phone off-hook immediately after connect, D65 model

    • Correct issue with MWI resubscribe after NOTIFY terminate/probation

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Remove non-functional add contact button from Contacts app in DPMA mode, all models

MD5 Sums
  • 7d183c6824c2437e68e601dec77627ec 2_2_1_3_D40_firmware.eff

  • 97da806841b4e666d8994aa9c20fc6a2 2_2_1_3_D45_firmware.eff

  • 56052da010c37280e81837a049b32375 2_2_1_3_D50_firmware.eff

  • 4c784a23c1d8dc07851dbec847ac7d77 2_2_1_3_D60_firmware.eff

  • 735dce80ef64fb64d7160775bd26bc10 2_2_1_3_D62_firmware.eff

  • f2825e80f407f1a72b89b9c674fa83c9 2_2_1_3_D65_firmware.eff

  • bb63084a1e0cedfb868578cb22feaf8c 2_2_1_3_D70_firmware.eff


February 22, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct numerous issues with disabling Voicemail application

    • Correct numerous issues with disabling Contacts application

    • Correct issue with answering voicemail screening calls prior to screening them

    • Correct issue playing back non-US tones

    • Correct issue playing back long custom ringtones

    • Correct numerous issues with placing conference calls on hold

    • Correct numerous issues with 3-way call participants dropping before the call is torn down

    • Correct issues supporting User+PIN configuration mode

    • Correct numerous issues with manipulating voicemails too quickly

    • Correct issues processing configs without a valid “any network” while on a VLAN

    • Correct issues with retrieving firmware over slow links

    • Stop voicemail playback when navigating away from a folder or back or between voicemails

    • Correct issue displaying record button during conference calls

    • Correct issue obscuring last digits in keypad

    • Correct issue that caused Full-Screen Favorites app to timeout to idle

    • Correct issue that caused Full-Screen Favorites app to background when returning from Dream mode

    • Correct issues toggling keypad that caused apps to background

    • Correct issue that ignored brightness when auto-returning to idle

    • Correct issue with favorites drawer being obscured by toolbar

    • Correct “flash” issue when showing recall button on keypad

    • Correct issue with idle timer returning home during active calls

    • Correct issue with presence updates overriding the unregistered icon

    • Correct issue with improperly scaling idle screen logos

    • Correct issue with removing idle logo and returning to default wallpaper

    • Correct issues with gains and EC on Headset devices

  • New Features:

    • Allow phone to properly dial voicemail extension when visual voicemail is disabled

    • Handle server-supplied locale settings for tones, date formatting and clock formatting

    • Provide user control over phone timezone

    • Add support for voicemail forwarding

    • Add support for moving voicemails between mailboxes

    • Add support for “sip:proxy@host” DHCP Boot66

  • Improvements:

    • Add title and descriptions for reboots to improve user experience

    • Allow on-hook dial strings up to 99 digits

    • Format on-screen toast messages and move them to the top of the screen to prevent interference with on-screen settings

    • Improve behavior of sliders in Display Settings

    • Improve numerous icons

    • Improve numerous modal window formatting

    • Add blank state for favorites drawer

    • Improve performance of keypad


MD5 Sums
  • baa829f4b7ec9f9a07d58e8fd9b8136e 1_3_0_D80_firmware.eff



January 25, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with erroneous touch sound event

    • Correct issue with inconsistent dream mode timeouts

    • Correct issues with VLAN discovery mode, particularly changes requiring manual reboot

    • Correct issue with Call Recording permissions failures

    • Correct issue when dialing contacts with no primary action

    • Correct issue with transfers of inbound, unanswered calls to a newly dialed outbound call

    • Correct issues with User/PIN mode

    • Correct issue with changes to Rapid Dial transfer type requiring manual reboot

    • Prevent phone from restarting when receiving improper UDP packets

    • Correct issue that prevented Call Recordings from being started and stopped

    • Correct issues with provisioning while DNS is unresponsive

    • Correct issue preventing backlight dimming element in UI from being saved across reboots

    • Correct issues when parsing configs that included VLAN assignments

    • Prevent phone from wiping out configuration after it has been stolen by another phone/extension.

    • Correct issue playing congestion tone when 603 Declines are received

    • Correct issues with tech support connection timeouts

    • Prevent Fax voicemail folders from showing in the voicemail folder list

    • Correct issue that caused failed transfers to hang up calls

    • Correct issue that showed Parking in the absence of a defined, default lot

    • Correct issue with using proper ringtone in the absence of a defined active ringtone

    • Correct connected line updates during early state

    • Correct issues with voicemail when manipulating items in folders other than INBOX

    • Prevent failures to parse Rapid Dial favorites entries from halting the load of all Rapid Dial favorites

    • Correct a crash issue on reconfigure

    • Correct issue with server-assigned MAC-based configuration

    • Correct issue with LLDP assignment when dealing with switches that only send MED packets at long intervals

    • Prevent server-initiated configuration updates from changing the brightness of Dream Mode

    • Correct issue with losing call cards when navigating to tech support modal

    • Correct issues with call conference complete button highlights in certain cases

    • Prevent contacts without a presence from showing a presence icon

    • Correct issue when canceling an attended transfer that caused targets to continue to ring

    • Correct position of complete and dial buttons on transfer state keypad to match other phone models

    • Correct issue clearing the call record button when call recording fails

    • Correct issue with blond transfer when source is still in the incoming state

    • Correct issue with transfer modal remaining when source has disconnected itself

    • Correct issue with contacts search query being cleared when exiting a contact details page

    • Correct issues with erroneously showing recall button on keypad

    • Correct issue with contacts search keyboard obscuring search results

    • Correct issue with accessing voicemail items that are no longer in the list

    • Correct call log issue that could overlap number and timestamp fields

    • Correct issues with call banner hold and end controls in transfer and conference states

    • Prevent missed call card from showing more than two lines of a caller name

    • Correct issue with changed brightness taking many seconds to activate

    • Correct issue with about dialog displaying updated IP addresses with late assignment

    • Correct issue that allowed “Keep Current” in bootconfig even if no current config was available

    • Correct issue when ending local call after the far end has already disconnected the call

    • Correct issue with double-tapping favorites entries creating two calls

    • Correct issues with scroll-click events

    • Correct issue with voicemail folder message counts

    • Correct issue with missed calls showing as active

  • New Features:

    • Add voicemail screening and pickup

    • Add full-screen favorites application

    • Add right-side favorites drawer

    • Add long-press capability to favorites 

    • Add a more stylish webpage disabled page to the web server

  • Improvements:

    • Increase size of favorites to improve touch accuracy

    • Show redial button on keypad when redial buffer is populated

    • Update boot animation

    • Limit Dream Mode brightness in order to reduce power consumption during idle periods

    • Prefer name to extension in voicemail notification cards

    • Remove leading zero in call timer for calls at less than 10 minutes duration

    • Update on-call card function button locations to match mobile clients

    • Update many icons, application layouts and modal stylings

    • Restore keyboard when returning to contacts search list from a contact details page

    • Prefer the active call to other call states when displaying call details in the call banner

    • Sort the list of Digium Configuration servers in the boot config alphabetically

    • Show INBOX by default in Voicemail app

    • Adjust gain, AEC and NLP settings

MD5 Sums
  • 2aa06178944e23af039b96308268a0c7 1_2_2_1_D80_firmware.eff


February 23, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Address issues with installing Javascript apps using the web UI when app development is enabled for all models

    • Address additional issues with pre-fill of old host/port in bootconfig for all models

  • New Features:

    • None

  • Improvements:

    • Support forthcoming Switchvox 6.4 improvements for all models

    • Better handle timeouts that can occur on very slow networks for all models

    • Check for duplicate IP addresses after DHCP, send DHCPDECLINE to server if duplicate discovered for all models

    • Improve softkey icons scan lines for bright wallpaper appearances on D6x models

MD5 Sums
  • 4a7c7944d9bc6d800641470fc4bafde9 2_2_1_2_D40_firmware.eff

  • fc804ee3c244b9e752a337cae2b252a3 2_2_1_2_D45_firmware.eff

  • 7523af10d2ffa3a61d65fbc261c0a1d7 2_2_1_2_D50_firmware.eff

  • dc2a01f9d7bf4bf6736cb242b82fe325 2_2_1_2_D60_firmware.eff

  • 695057b60718e216b1136f8609778f53 2_2_1_2_D62_firmware.eff

  • 705f751108df1982ed44b89a5c6074de 2_2_1_2_D65_firmware.eff

  • fa812d04b43772102c42a9ce0cd080e0 2_2_1_2_D70_firmware.eff



January 12, 2017

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Idle screen logo dimensions reported by web UI were incorrect for D6x models.  Incorrect dimensions were 205x85 pixels.  Correct dimensions are 296x128 pixels.

    • Web UI showed broken image for default idle screen logo rather than "No Image" for D6x models.  D6x models use a large clock by default and not a logo.

    • Russian language was improperly capitalized in web UI for all models.

    • New Zealand flag was missing in web UI for all models.

    • use_secure_labels did not operate correctly for XML-config fetching for all models.

    • Certain blind and blond transfers could leave the phone in a connected state for all models.

    • Primary DNS failover to secondary server was unreliable in some cases on all models.

    • When reconfiguring a phone that previously had a proxy host entered, the proxy host would fill in the port field in the boot configuration menu; D40, D45, D50 and D70 models only.

  • New Features:

    • Wallpaper support using new wallpaper_file setting, D6x models only.

    • VPN connectivity using OpenVPN, controlled by new network_default_enable_openvpnopenvpn_root_certopenvpn_client_certopenvpn_client_key, and openvpn_config_file settings, D6x models only.

    • New setting to enable smaller clock display, small_clock, D6x models only.

    • RFC 3326 support for "Call completed elsewhere" SIP Reason has been added and is controlled using hide_completed_elsewhere option, disabled (show calls) by default, all models.

MD5 Sums
  • 7aceb22c23c1fff59ec726d2abb54b0a 2_2_1_1_D40_firmware.eff

  • 7c3b6805bf5aac2e8db8e4068393df5f 2_2_1_1_D45_firmware.eff

  • e32a553ecb60f9212d58f954427779f3 2_2_1_1_D50_firmware.eff

  • cd95b537209a0a1131fe756e357c561b  2_2_1_1_D60_firmware.eff

  • 1a4da4f66c8f13b8b5d1be60170586b9 2_2_1_1_D62_firmware.eff

  • 2bbb6789ab36cfca8382780b76b6518d  2_2_1_1_D65_firmware.eff 

  • a5fce4b5f5a34d3df93990f620f88d46 2_2_1_1_D70_firmware.eff 


November 8, 2016

  • Initial manufacturing release for D80 model phones.

MD5 Sums
  • f79f8e8dd84e811804ee57be12d6d478 1_0_3_D80_firmware.eff


November 18, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Call soft key events are no longer blocked during phone screen configuration updating messages, D6x models only

    • Parking IVR calls no longer results in an orphaned call handle, all models

    • Certain boot messages were not being processed correctly, all models

    • Bluetooth interoperability improvements, D65 model only

    • Dial options in the contacts app are shown during assisted transfer if the call is not ringing, all models

    • If Multicast was turned off via a config event, the listener is now torn down properly, all models

    • The large "day, date" display now follows the locale settings properly, D6x models only

    • With the addition of newer SIP software and new codecs, the MTU size of INVITE packets could exceed 1500 bytes, impairing the ability of the phone to work across routers.  To reduce MTU size, several codecs have been disabled by default, including G.722.1 and G.722.1C licensed by Polycom, Opus, iLBC and the Linear 16 codecs.  Beginning with this firmware release, these codecs must be enabled to be used.  This affects all models of phones - non-D6x models only disable Linear 16 by default.  Switchvox users are unaffected as codec control is provided in the Admin Web UI of Switchvox.  XML-configuration users will need to explicitly enable codecs in the XML itself.  DPMA users wanting to use any of these codecs who upgrade to this firmware must also upgrade to DPMA 3.2.2 and utilize the new codecs phone control key in res_digium_phone.conf.

    • In DPMA and non-Switchvox environments, phones no longer show a non-functional "Add" button in the call log, D6x models only

  • New Features:

    • Rapid Dial Page Timeout, controlled with setting blf_page_return_timeout defaults, to 0, value is in seconds, D65 model only

    • Password entry screens for global pin, phone pin and for the admin pin are now protected by hyphen characters as they are keyed in, all models

    • New config setting use_secure_labels, defaults to 0, will, when enabled, disguise the fetched URL on boot and replace it with the word "server," all models

    • The user and password files on the fetch config from URL boot screen are now protected by hyphen characters as they are keyed in, all models

    • A phone restart button has been added to the phone's web UI tool, and can be accessed by authenticating with the phone's web password to http://[ip of phone]/cgi-bin/phone_restart.cgi , all models

    • Initial Russian localization, accessible via the ru_RU locale, D6x models only

    • Bluetooth icon replaces older Wireless Headset icon, D65 model only

    • New Zealand tones are now accessible via the en_NZ locale, all models

    • Phones will now identify themselves to LLDP neighbors as "model-MAC" rather than just "model," all models

    • D40, D45, D50 and D70 model phones now support all modes of 802.1X that have been supported by D6x models

    • D40, D45, D50 and D70 model phones now support server retry on failure to respond that has been supported by D6x models

MD5 Sums
  • 31f8337153ff3ebca2b8add0eba10dac 2_2_0_8_D40_firmware.eff

  • e472094457e548090b23e333d78dc26a 2_2_0_8_D45_firmware.eff

  • bd21b5212ebc851c73155fa25031327b 2_2_0_8_D50_firmware.eff

  • 95d907df9ba6fba72500de44d6201fd0  2_2_0_8_D60_firmware.eff

  • a047d12d3eb474a6f0265a7fa4ebb1a6 2_2_0_8_D62_firmware.eff

  • 3916ddf954251ffb9115ad87a62028e7  2_2_0_8_D65_firmware.eff 

  • 33b988305a3c9f1dbedb93bd758dba03 2_2_0_8_D70_firmware.eff 


September 27, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Update SSL libraries to account for OCSP vulnerability

    • iLBC codec use no longer causes phone app restart in some cases

    • TLS transport select is no longer missing from web UI tool

  • New Features:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • a99be827cc87a93e74a1056d334edaea  2_2_0_5_00dd5ef_D60_firmware.eff

  • b9e5e47f7a87c2f6c65c0daebcab03ac 2_2_0_5_00dd5ef_D62_firmware.eff

  • e79191452ebd047b875b557ab2e02a4b  2_2_0_5_00dd5ef_D65_firmware.eff 


September 23, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with accepting certain CA certs for 802.1X

    • Turn down default backlight dimming to 2 after 60 seconds

    • Correct issue with disabling 802.1X authentication

    • Phone no longer sends null token strings to DPMA in certain situations

    • Resolve issue with failed remote restarts

    • Fix BT audio close/open race condition when toggling hold between two calls.

    • Phones no longer allow impossible BLF transfers to secondary lines

    • Correct issue with SIP accounts being saved using the phone's built-in UI

    • Phone no longer displays non-Headset and non-phone devices in list of discovered BT devices

    • Disable keypresses during "Config Updating..." process

    • Resolve failed authentication when using ttls-mschap and ttls-gts 802.1X methods

    • Resolve issue with apps show up in app screen even though they were removed from soft-keys

    • Local UDP signaling port no longer fails to respond to changes

    • UDP Keepalive option no longer requires a manual restart to enable

    • Allow Config Updating message on idle screen to persist for 5 seconds to handle long-running config updates

  • New Features:

    • Add a protocol field to the boot server input screen

    • Phones now support SDES encrypted RTP

    • Phones now support TLS, basic, no certificate presentation or authentication, signaling

    • Help text added to BT menu

    • Support for new codecs:

      • iLBC 30ms

      • G.722.1 Siren 7, licensed from Polycom®

      • G.722.1C Siren 14, licensed from Polycom®

      • Opus narrowband and wideband

MD5 Sums
  • 7ecf4c4592f60b8b1fbec7358a3d01b8  2_2_0_4_5a54ff2_D60_firmware.eff

  • 961c5d4f1912a3fbd4cb96d21b9a917b 2_2_0_4_5a54ff2_D62_firmware.eff

  • 1087a2ffa336b4c4214398056fd22b8e  2_2_0_4_5a54ff2_D65_firmware.eff 


September 8, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Resolve issue with failed remote restarts

  • New Features:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • a761063950084f9ec2c87cfd1076e889  2_2_0_0_81709_D40_firmware.eff

  • aa89194816ff73d786edc6117822181f  2_2_0_0_81709_D45_firmware.eff

  • 94031096974af06330fe48b64af2294e  2_2_0_0_81709_D50_firmware.eff

  • c32e771d440e5f690bf9bb382c148fd5  2_2_0_0_81709_D70_firmware.eff


August 3, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Correct issue with loading voicemail app after reboot

    • Minimize display of configuration updating notice while on idle screen

    • Phone now retries connection to DPMA/Switchvox after 30-second timer, if server didn't respond

    • Correct display of long Caller ID Names

    • Update display of default phone state in Contacts app to be less confusing

    • Phone now remembers state of BT operation from pervious boot

    • BT Audio is no longer disconnected from existing calls when an incoming call is ignored

    • Correct issue with starting up BT audio during call answer using headset button

    • Add Select and Back soft keys to Applications menu and Back button to main menu

    • Correct "select" soft key text translations in Bootconfig and Phone Menu network select screens

  • New Features:

    • Phones can now listen for and playback multicast RTP audio

    • Phones can now perform EAP-PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2 802.1X authentication

    • Phones can now perform EAP-TLS 802.1X authentication

    • Phones can now perform EAP-PEAPv0/EAP-GTC authentication

    • Phones can now perform EAP-TTLS/EAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication

    • Phones can now perform EAP-TTLS/EAP-GTC authentication

    • Phones can now provide 802.1X debugging for developers

MD5 sums
  • e93526cfa66e4d4a168d70c8f3bf2030  2_1_0_3_1_d8aff6e_D60_firmware.eff

  • 48df4c0c1b3bad97387247a7c22d1eb7 2_1_0_3_1_d8aff6e_D62_firmware.eff

  • 9e5f94889ce37616dd1d22fa71f6bc6a  2_1_0_3_1_d8aff6e_D65_firmware.eff 


August 3, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • French translation of Park is now more correct

    • Update timezone data

  • New Features:

    • Phones can now listen for and playback multicast RTP audio

    • Phones can now perform EAP pass-through

    • Phones can now perform EAPOL auto-logoff

    • Phones can now perform EAP-MD5 802.1X authentication

MD5 Sums
  • 55ef28a6b89705026a80a6a664415ff7  2_1_0_0_81296_D40_firmware.eff

  • c034fbe8f171406efd293f142c733c6a  2_1_0_0_81296_D45_firmware.eff

  • 9b769e7cabe374d4499eeced65e9c8c0  2_1_0_0_81296_D50_firmware.eff

  • c5656828f92e925be8df98b8c8f2c292  2_1_0_0_81296_D70_firmware.eff


August 3, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Forward and Failover font color has been corrected

    • Correct display of voicemails in voicemail app

    • Use correct unregistered icon

    • Correct issue with volume hard keys during ringing state when ring_head_only is enabled

    • Correct display of large numbers of unread voicemails

    • Remove stray orange pixels from D65 page toast

    • Caller ID persists during calls to non-phone extensions on hold

    • Ensure all settings are current before applying new setting updates

    • Missing user part of URI no longer causes phone to print trailing characters in Caller ID

    • When configured via webconfig, properly display all built-in apps

  • New Features:

    • Phones can now perform EAP pass-through

    • Phones can now perform EAPOL auto-logoff

    • Phones can now perform EAP-MD5 802.1X authentication

MD5 sums
  • a2d412d5221f184c560aacbfae4757be  2_0_3_2_5517aa0_D60_firmware.eff

  • a1922d9e555e09cf70ed18ec291d1f2e  2_0_3_2_5517aa0_D62_firmware.eff

  • ee6050ce6fbd7d36353557f0482d81d9  2_0_3_2_5517aa0_D65_firmware.eff


August 3, 2016

Initial manufacturing release for D60, D62 and D65 model phones.

MD5 sums
  • e53a3c71c29fefccb666ece95cf7a1c7  2_0_3_0_9d03187_D60_firmware.eff

  • 7e1ec1807e67c8118d738ec7cc457b68  2_0_3_0_9d03187_D62_firmware.eff

  • 7ec3ede3479e1a36fa4a7ace3f7880b5  2_0_3_0_9d03187_D65_firmware.eff


July 27, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • PC port now properly enters blocking mode when attached to same switch as LAN port

    • PAI Caller ID was not updated in all cases

    • Caller ID persists during calls to non-phone extensions on hold

    • Missing user part of URI no longer causes phone to print trailing characters in Caller ID

    • Properly parse Caller ID name when contacts are empty

  • New Features:

    • None

MD5 Sums
  • 268d7dbd7b98378ad30e8d6d3839c03d  2_0_3_0_80014_D40_firmware.eff

  • dde2bdc16156c42d1f0c44c886c4977d  2_0_3_0_80014_D45_firmware.eff

  • 1477375bfe8e55e9cd0ff753bb595a5f  2_0_3_0_80014_D50_firmware.eff

  • c9ded4f85410521b2cd9026146b14198  2_0_3_0_80014_D70_firmware.eff


April 21, 2016

  • Issues Resolved:

    • Occasional parsing errors on dial plans

    • Correct Portuguese translation errors

    • Correct Italian translation errors

    • Empty XML no longer breaks contacts search

    • Phone properly plays ringing tone previews from the phone UI

    • Phone no longer restarts due to untimely use of DTMF while a call is proceeding

  • New Features:

    • Phone can now play ringing tone out the headset port, not out the loudspeaker

    • Add account attribute needMwiSubscription to allow turning off or on MWI subscription

MD5 Sums