Upgrade to FreePBX 15

It is strongly recommended that a full backup of the system (13 or 14) be made prior to the upgrade steps below. If necessary, this backup can be used as a restore point to a new install. Note also that the new Backup and Restore module in FreePBX 15 allows restores of backups made by previous versions.


This wiki will describe the process to upgrade your FreePBX systems to latest FreePBX 15.

This section covers the FreePBX module and custom OSS brands on the top FreePBX upgrades to FreePBX 15.

For PBXact customers please refer to Upgrade to PBXact 15 

Upgrade to FreePBX 15 from FreePBX 14

This section will describe the steps to upgrade FreePBX 14 to FreePBX 15.

How to install FreePBX upgrader tool 

Please find below steps to install FreePBX upgrader tool.

Download PBX Upgrader tool from server

  1. Jump to "FreePBX GUI → Admin → Updates " section.




  2. Select "Module updates" tab from updates page and then click "check online"




  3. "Check online" will fetch the latest available modules from our mirror server and then it will display available modules. 
     Select "download all" and then "process".



  4.  This will again ask for the confirmation to install latest version of PBX upgrader tool


  5. On confirmation this will install the module and will take you to module admin page.

Install  PBX Upgrader tool manually

If PBX upgrader tool is not visible for you during "check online" functionality then you can follow below steps to install this manually.

  • Navigate to your PBX, login and go to Module Admin

  • Click “Upload Module”

  • Make sure “Download from the web” is chosen and enter 

http://mirror1.freepbx.org/modules/packages/versionupgrade/versionupgrade-14.0.13.tgz as the “Download Remote Module”

  • Click download from web

  • Go to Manage local modules

Install the new module (should show locally available.


How to use FreePBX upgrader tool 

Please find below steps to upgrade your FreePBX 14 systems to FreePBX 15 using "PBX upgrader" tool.

  1. Select "FreePBX GUI → Admin → 14 to 15 Upgrade Tool" 


  2.  After selecting 14 to 15 Upgrade tool, below page will reopen where we can check the features of FreePBX-15 by expanding the tab or else move to next step by clicking "Check the requirements" button.


  3.  You will see all passed validation as soon as "requirements check" process is over. Move to next step by clicking "Proceed to upgrade process".


  4. Upgrade process will start with below wizard.  Click on "next" will start downloading new modules as per PBX 15 system.



  5. Step-2 of upgrade wizard will take some time so "do not refresh the web browser" and let the process to finish. 



  6. If there is any error, it will show in the wizard. file permission is common error which needs to resolved by running "fwconsole chown" for example shown in below screenshot.



  7. This process will take some time due to downloading , installing all new FreePBX 15 modules. 
    Wizard will display the status and on successful completion it will ask you to "refresh" the page which will take you to module admin page.



  8. Upgrade to FreePBX-15 done successfully.

Upgrade to FreePBX 15 from FreePBX 13


The recommended path from FreePBX 13 to FreePBX-15 is to use the "Backup & Restore" functionality to take a Backup from the working FreePBX-13 system and then restore to newly installed FreePBX-15 system.

The following steps will have you up and running on a FreePBX-15 system with the same configuration as your existing FreePBX-13 system. 

  1. Take Backup of your FreePBX-13 System.

    1. Take full backup of your FreePBX-13 system using Backup & Restore module of FreePBX-13.  Please refer to Using the Backup module for further details of how to configure and take full backup of your 13 system.

  2. Install FreePBX-15 on another server.

    1. Install latest available FreePBX-15 ISO from https://www.freepbx.org/downloads/  to another server. Please refer to Installing SNG7 Official Distro for more details about the installation process.

  3. Activate FreePBX-15 

    1.  Once FreePBX-15 installation is done, activate your FreePBX-15. Please refer to System Admin - Activation for more details about the system activation process.

  4. Upgrade all FreePBX-15 modules to current 

    1. After activation , FreePBX will show you a pop up with a list of available module updates. Otherwise you can check yourself by using "Check Online" function in Module Admin. Please refer to Updates#ModuleUpdates for more details.

  5. Restore 

    1. Please note that Backup & Restore has been completely re-designed in FreePBX-15 so you will see GUI differences in the way it used to work in FreePBX-13 vs FreePBX-15.

    2. Please refer to Backup and Restore FreePBX 15+ for more about the FreePBX-15 Backup & Restore module. 

    3. We can restore the configurations by uploading the FreePBX-13 generated configuration backup to "FreePBX GUI → Admin → Backup & Restore → Restore tab".

    4. After a successful restore , your FreePBX-13 is successfully replicated to new FreePBX-15.

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