Follow Me Module


What is Follow Me?

Follow Me (also known as Find Me / Follow Me or FMFM) allows you to redirect a call that is placed to one of your extensions to another location. You can program the system to ring the extension alone for a certain period of time, then ring some other destination(s), such as a mobile phone or a related extension, and then go to the original extension's voicemail if the call is not answered.  Follow Me can also be used to divert calls to another extension without ringing the primary extension.

Follow Me can be used in connection with VMX Locater to allow a caller who reaches voicemail to Press 1 and be diverted to the Follow Me call flow.

Your users can also modify certain Follow Me settings using the User Control Panel (UCP 12+), and can disable and enable Follow Me using a feature code defined in the Feature Codes module. 

What is the Follow Me Module used for?

In PBX GUI software version 13+

The Follow Me module has changed in FreePBX version 13. New in 13, an extension's find me / follow me settings have been moved to the Extensions module.

The new Follow Me module does not allow direct editing of an extension's follow me settings (follow me list, ring strategy, announcement, call confirmation, etc.). The module simply provides an at-a-glance view of which extensions have follow me turned on. The module offers the ability to enable/disable follow me for an extension.

To edit settings, a user can click on the extension in the Follow Me module to be taken to the appropriate tab in the Extensions module.

In PBX GUI software version 12 and below

In GUI software version 12 and below, the Follow Me module is used for defining an extension's follow me settings and for enabling/disabling follow me.

How Do I Get to the Follow Me Module?

  • From the top menu click Applications

  • From the drop down click Follow Me

How Do I use the Follow Me Module?

See the User Guide

See the UCP User Guide

How Do I Adjust Follow Me Settings for an Extension in 13+?

Please see the Extensions module wiki related to the specific type of extension. These extension-related wikis contain full information on Find Me / Follow Me settings:

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