Queue Reports (Q Xact)

Commercial Module


If you use queues (automatic call distribution / ACD), you need Queue Reports to help you make the most of your time! Q-Xact is an advanced reporting module that lets administrators keep an eye on every aspect of their queues. With Q-Xact, you are given insight into each and every one of your queues. Q-Xact gives you control over what data is displayed for each type of report. It allows you to build custom templates for quick reporting. Each report type, such as "All Call Distribution by Queue," has a list of columns that can be checked or unchecked for on-the-fly customization.

Q-Xact is divided into two sections: Templates and Reports. Templates allows you to select the specific information that you would like to view in the report and then save it. Reports allows you to run your template against any or all of your agents and/or queues.


  • See call distribution by agent, queue, day of the week, or even down to the hour

  • View the average call time and average hold times

  • View service call thresholds

  • See the reason calls are being disconnected (whether the customer or agent is hanging up first, or if the call was abandoned)



Please consider that using third-party methods to "seize" calls from a queue, where the queue loses ability to deliver them to the agents logged in, can affect the precision of queue abandonment report. From the queue's perspective, these calls will be logged by Asterisk as ABANDONED despite the fact that they show as answered in the CDR.


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